oUsage     Last updated on 2018/2562 9 24, a full moon day;

O (family name, surname); Oi (family name, surname); Radical117;

O (place name); Radical237;

ohayoo, good morning ... ; ohayoh gozaimasu, politely saying good morning;

oishii desu, delicious ... ; tasty ... ;

Okai (name); Okayu (name); Radical49;

okonau Do;

Omina (female name); Radical45;

Omo (name); Omote (family name, surname); Radical212;

one month later;

... onegaiishimasu, please ... ;

at the hotel's receptionist desk, say taxi onegaiishimasu;
after getting into a taxi, saying Shinjuku onegaiishimasu means please drive me to Shinjuku, Tokyo;
at a restaurant, IFF refill drink is free, hold the cup and say onegaiishimasu;
in the office, after filling info forms, bring the document, asking sign approval, say onegaiishimasu;
bring items to the cashier's desk, before ringing the cashier's machine, say onegaiishimasu;

onsen, hot spring, 3000+ hot springs officially exist in Nippon;

Oo (family name, surname); Ou (family name, surname); Radical751;

Oogi (family name, place name, surname); Oogisaki (family name, surname); Ougi (family name, female name, place name, surname); Radical615;

Osame (name); Osami (name); Osamu (female name); Radical380;

Osamu (family name, name, surname); Radical201;

Osamu (name); Owari (name); Radical288;

Osamu (name); Radical510;

Osamu (name); Radical513;

Osamu (name); Radical598;

Osamu (name); Radical611;

Osamu (name); Radical612;

Osamu (name); Radical752;

  oshiete kudasai, if stuck on something, asking help, say oshiete kudasai; if don't know how to buy a ticket at machine, asking help from native, say oshiete kudasai; if don't know how to fill up form, say oshiete kudasai; if can't translate to understand language, point and say oshiete kudasai; if don't know where to go inside office building, show NAME and say, oshiete kudasai at info desk;

Otome (female name); Radical5;

otsukaresama, any newly task is done or went done, among co-workers, say otsukare sama;

Owari (female name); Radical554;

oyasuminasai, good night;