Last updated on 2018/2562 6 27, a full moon day;     P     p;     pCharacter;     Also see: p Usage;

dad; dada; daddy; pa; papa; Radical110;

Pacific      Pacific      Pacific


package ;

packet ;

rice field; paddy field; Radical131, also see: Radicals;


padlock      padlock

eulogy; hymn; paean; song of praise; triumph;

page      page

leaf; page; Radical216;

page as suffix; Radical212;

counter for page; Radical260;

pagoda, also see: shrine;

pain      pain

pain: *algia, *cynia;

gain or loss, fame or defame, praise or blame, and pleasure or pain; Also see: mature knowledge;

pair      pair      pair

palace      palace  

besiege; enclosure; keep; paling; preserve; store; surround; Radical323;

palm      palm

be content; coax; pamper; sugary; sweet taste; Radical128;


pane      pane      pane      pane      pane

panel      panel

paper      paper      paper      paper

8.5 lb Kokuji Bundle Paper Measurement; Also see: measure;

nippon paper;


parallel      parallel      parallel      parallel      parallel

parallel coordinate;

parameter      parameter       Intentionally written e.g. notice that Katakana character "ta" is in broken style of writing, because parameter can be null, void, ... ;

parasol; umbrella; Radical326;


parents (father and mother);

parents' home;


parity parity parity parity

parse      parser      parsing

part      part      part

part of that group ;

half * ; just a little; partially; semi * ; somehow; somewhat; vaguely; Radical129, also see: Radicals;

(gerund OR present participle) e.g. * i n g; Remark: verb + i n g;

particle a.k.a. atom

particular      particulars

partition; wall; Radical381;

partition ;

partition      partition

partitioned room for conducting tea ceremony; Radical323;

pass      pass      pass      pass     pass

acceptable; fair; passable; tolerable; Radical328;

kilesa (e.g. delusion, lust, hatred, mental defilement, passion, ... ) can be eradicated, or reduced by meditation; Remark: Majjhima way a.k.a. Middle Path should be ... ; Radical333;

passive      passive     

passive anger;

cipher; code; password; e.g. IO (Input, Output) interactive ... ;




IFF computer, also see: Command;

darn; fix; groom; mend; patch-up ; repair; tidy-up; trim;

path       path      path


patience      patience      patience

patient based, population based care, psychogenic, also see: MD;


go around and then comeback;

Path of Enlightenment: also see: Bodhi *; Majjhima *; neither metaphysical path nor ritualistic path, neither pessimism nor nihilism, neither skeptical nor dogmatic, neither self-mortification nor self-indulgence, neither this-worldly nor other-worldly;

pattern     pattern      pattern      pattern      pattern      pattern      pattern      pattern

IFF play (e.g. WHILE playing), pause (i.e. NOT playing); Radical99;

pause      pause ;

pause, as opposed to continue;

IFF Symbol ( Pause), also see: Schematic Symbols;

pay      pay      paid      paid

PC, Personal Computer; IFF PC As Keyword, also see: Cloud;

positive Curvature; Positive Curvature Surface ( PCS) ... ;

bean; pea; Radical184;

peace      peace      peaceful

peacefulness ;

climax; critical point; peak; Radical54;

peak      peak ;

bark; husk; peel; rind; Radical136, also see: Radicals;


fur; hide; pelt; skin; Radical136;



people      people      people

also see: public;



percentage; proportion; rate; ratio; Radical322;

percent      percent      percent

percentage      percentage      percentage      percentage is correct usage like voltage, and notice that "age" is somehow related to time period;


perform      performance

incense; perfume; smell; Radical221;

aroma; fragrance; odor; perfume; redolence; savor; smell; ... ;


perimeter; Radical510;

period , phase, season, stage, time;

time, stage, season, phase, period ;

period      period      period

period a.k.a. era, also see: imperial era;

period of time ;


periodic table;

deceased; dying; perish; Radical79;



permission ;

perseverance      perseverance      perseverance


person      person

person; Radical9, also see: Radicals;

person in charge

personal; personal

personal computer;

personal enmity

personal history


pertain: *ic, *ous, *tic;

pertaining to: *ac, *al, *ar, *ary, *eal;

pertaining to only objects      pertaining to object only


petrol (a.k.a. gasoline);



perusing      perusing


pharmaceuticals; Radical377;

pharmacology a.k.a. (study of) pharmacy     

pharmacology a.k.a. (study of) pharmacy

pharmacy        pharmacy

phase      phase

phase of life ;


elephant ; phenomenon ;

phi i.e. Φ, φ;


philosophy      philosophy


phone      phone

photo      photo


(physical) distribution

physical body, as opposed to spirit;


physics      physics

pi i.e. Π, π;

clip; pick; pinch; pluck; summarize; trim; Radical258;


figure; image; picture; portrait; statue; Radical793;

picture      picture

Picture, also see: Schematic Symbols; translator's writing style ( picture); gazo Picture; Japanese online dictionary's writing style (
picture); kanji stroke ;

piece of poetry; rhyme; song; verse of poetry; Radical999;



hog; pig; Radical185, also see: Radicals;

Also see: zodiac;

pig snout; Radical68;

lance; pike; Radical139;

heap; pile; Radical54;

ceremonial; piling; Radical65;

pill      pill

Personal Identification Number ( PIN) ... ;     pin      pin

Pin Yin;

clip; pick; pinch; pluck; summarize; trim; Radical258;

determined; pinch; twist; wring;

pioneer PIONEER pioneer;

pipe; tube; Radical555;

pipe character in programming e.g. ASCII (124); Radical2, also see: Radicals;

musical key; pitch; tone; Radical611;

pivot; Radical365;

necessary; pivot; required; vital point;

door; hinge; pivot;

pivot      pivot

pivot door;

pixel      pixel      pixel

place      place      place (a.k.a. spot)

clean; evident; explicit; obvious; plain;
elucidation; explicit statement; specification;

measure; plan; plot; scheme; Radical731;

audacious; drawing; extraordinary; map; plan; Radical714;

keikaku Plan      plan      plan      plan

3 kinds of planning are: operational plan, tactical plan, and strategic plan;
planning for more than 10+ years is strategic plan (e.g. mortgage payments to own a home (with knowing inflation rates), e.g. NOT to change national flag and name);
planning for less than 10 years is tactical plan (e.g. monthly installment to purchase a brand new car (with knowing devaluation rates), e.g. to earn academic degrees and licenses);
planning for less than 1 year is operational plan;

art; decoration; figures; literacy radical; literature; plan; sentence; style; Radical89, also see: Radicals;

numbering plan      numbering plan

planetarium      planetarium

plant     plant      plant

plants and trees





dish; helping; plate; Radical137;

plate      plate;


outstanding; plausible; superb; Radical263;

bizarre; dazzling; excellent; extraordinary; fantastic; incredible; magical; magnificent; marvelous; outstanding; plausible; sensational; splendid; superb; unbelievable; wonderful; wondrous;

play      play

able to play i.e. playful;

IFF Symbol ( Play), also see: Schematic Symbols;


plead      pled      pled

please     onegai_shimasuPlease     kudasaiPlease

pleasure, 3 sukha + 2 kāma; also see: sensual pleasure , filthy pleasure , ignoble pleasure , sensual objects , and sensual desire ;

gain or loss, fame or defame, praise or blame, and pleasure or pain; Also see: mature knowledge;



measure; plan; plot; scheme; Radical731;

magic; plot; stratagem; trap; trick; Radical298;

plot e.g. property plot;

come; plough; three branch tree; Radical162;

clip; pick; pinch; pluck; summarize; trim; Radical258;

plug      plug

plume; Radical160;

plus      plus      plus ;

IFF symboli.e. plus;


PnP (Plug and Play)      PnP (Plug and Play)

poem; poetry; Radical999;



point      point

point (e.g. pen) ;

pointer      pointer      pointer ;

2,3 dimensional Laser Pointer; Also see: Schematic Dimensional;


police      police      police      police      police      police

approach; line of action; policy ; position; principle;


polish up

civil ; courteous ; polite ;



polygon      polygon      polygon

poor               broken roof idea;

IFF prefix (e.g. bad * ; non* ; poor * ; un* ), Radical244, also see: Radicals;

POP      pop




port      port      port

portal      portal

portion      portion

figure; image; picture; portrait; statue; Radical793;


POS (Point Of Sale)

approach; line of action; policy; position ; principle;

position (a.k.a. location)     position

position ;


Number > 0, i.e. greater than zero, a.k.a. positive; Radical567;

positive      positive


possessive particle; Radical36;


address; consign; direct; dispatch; forward; mail; post; Radical767;

post      post


Nippon postal symbol e.g. mail, post office, postal service, ... ;


pot a.k.a. kettle;

Radical247, also see: Radicals;

Potassium ;     Potassium ;

19, Potassium, K, 19.0; also see: Chemical Elements;

Gene Therapy System ( Potassium), also see: 7pComputer;


potato ; also see: Linguistic Note;

pounded fish;

pounded fish ; also see: Linguistic Note;


benefit; chemical; enamel; gun powder; Radical377;

influence; power; Radical400;

ability; power; proficiency; strength; Radical23;

power      power


drill; exercise; hands-on training; practical training ; practice in the field; training;

gain or loss, fame or defame, praise or blame, and pleasure or pain; Also see: mature knowledge;







exact; precise; Radical567;

precipitation ;

ACTION or process of precipitating (e.g. substance from a solution) i.e. precipitation; Also see: Chemical in Physics;

(hail, rain, sleet, snow) that falls to the ground (a.k.a. precipitation); Also see: Weather;

precision      precision



prefecture      prefecture  

prefix *   * 

prefix *   * honorable;

prefix *   * more than, or less than;



investigate; meter; musical key; prepare; tone; tune; writing style; Radical611;

display; exhibit; offer; present ; send; Also see: Numerological7;

genzai Modern Times;     genzai Nowadays;     genzai Present ;

present       presentation      presentation      presentation

(gerund OR present participle) e.g. * i n g; Remark: verb + i n g;

be awarded; be given; be presented with; collect; garner; Radical417;

besiege; enclosure; keep; paling; preserve; store; surround; Radical323;


pressure      pressure

IFF 3 gravity pressure area (refer to each surface) , Gravity Pressure Share Radical, also see: Radicals;

assumption; conclusion; conjecture; deduction; extrapolation; guess; presumption; reasoning; reckoning; speculation; supposition;

pretext; reason; say; Radical95;


excel; prevail ; victory; win;


prevent      prevent


IFF Symbol ( Previous), also see: Schematic Symbols;

e.g. (current hash with timestamp, details, previous hash) transaction ... ;

price      price       price

monk; priest; Radical338;


princess , also see: imperial era;

principal , a.k.a. main;

approach; line of action; policy; position; principle ;

elementary; naked; principle ; uncovered;

principle , also see: Radical289;


print     PRINT     PRINT      print      print      print

printing      printing      printing;


private house

private line

private, as opposed to public;


instruction; procedure; process; protocol; sequence;

procedure      procedure

sequence + beginning;

arrive; attain; climax; proceed; reach; result in; Radical167;

instruction; procedure; process; protocol; sequence;

process      process

also see: Processor;

processor (as in computer chip)     processor;

process a.k.a. task;

content development (idea processor) ... ;


(math) product      product

also see: this DOMAIN 's contents As PRODUCT (designed, engineered and developed in Modesto, California, U.S.A.);

product of China;


career; employment; professional; Also see: Career Employment Professional;

advantage; benefit; profit ; Also see: Numerological7;


black; deep; mysterious; occult; profound; Radical126, also see: Radicals;

agenda; program ; programme; schedule;

advance; Ayu (female name); progress ; walking;

project      project      project      project

project   sun + middle;

projector :

e.g. cine projector;
e.g. film projector;
e.g. LCD, Liquid Crystal Projector;
e.g. movie projector;
e.g. OHP, Overhead Projector;
e.g. planetarium projector;
e.g. slide projector;
e.g. television opaque projector;
e.g. Video projector;

Also see: Gene Therapy System; Display;

prolong ; stretching ;

promise      promising

promising      promising ;

promoted bishop ;

promoted bishop; Radical223;

prone ; medical e.g. WHILE patient is lying prone on the examination table, ... ;

a person, lying face downward (i.e. prone); IFF Gene Therapy System, also see: index;

prone, as opposed to supine;

propeller blade; Radical160;

accurate; correct; legal; proper; right; righteous; Radical567;


property      property

factor; proportion; rate; ratio; Radical300;

proportion      proportion

proprietor , proprietress, also see: Radical289;

prostate gland;

PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test; PSA level; Also see: 9pComputer;

to protect; Radical323;

protein      protein

protein bound, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, idea ♯ 264, Protein Bound;

instruction; procedure; process; protocol; sequence;

        protocol      protocol         

prove      proved     proven


proverb      proverb        proverb

also see: Interesting Nippon Proverbs;

provide for a.k.a. furnish;


e.g. getting ready;

agency; agent; deputy; proxy ; representing; substitute;

proxy      proxy


call; item; name; nickname; number; pseudonym; title; Radical299;

psi i.e. Ψ, ψ;

psycho-physical phenomena;

cognitive object; mental state, psychological state; Radical957;

public      public        public      public

public, as opposed to private;


also see: publisher;

to pull; to tug; to lead a horse; Radical815;

pull      pull

punctuate      language's punctuation, also see: Radical124;

general punctuation, also see: AI FONT;


purchase 購買      purchase  


crude; pure; raw; undiluted; Radical129, also see: Radicals;

purpose purpose a.k.a. target;



put      put     put

put in disorder ;

put on ;

put out ;

put together (fit);