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composition; literacy radical; sentence; text; writings; Radical89, also see: Radicals;

radical ( 1 THAT tends to ionized easily);

oracle (RCBG, Result Cache); also see: SGA, Shared Pool;

restart ; phase ;


recognize user;

Republic of Panama, , , , 507;

Server (request, response) User;

band; rim; ring; Radical915;

dohyo, a.k.a. ring;

2 Rings; Also see: Schematic Dimensional;

to become round ed  
        to roll into ... ;  
    roll ;      
        out ; paper ;  

romaji a.k.a. Latin alphabet;

        a.k.a. Latin alphabet ;    

Romaji is Romanization of Japanese (a.k.a. NIPPON) e.g. Katakana language has adapted many languages (English, Kanji, Latin, Pali, ... );

IFF Chinese, also see: cr.htm;

IFF Myanmar (Burma, Burmese), also see: br.htm;

notice THAT non-roman characters are collected, and then, transliteration form, so called Romanization;

  removable ;  
demountable ; detachable ;            
            removable disk ;  
    removable hard disk ;
    removable media ;  
    removable storage ;  

for each human beings livable moon, ( , ) Nama for Humanoid ( Idea Processor), also see: Radicals;

respond; responding; response; responsibilities; responsibility; responsible; e.g.

answer; reply; response; solution; Radical789;

response ;        

response ;    
response ;    
  e.g. answer to the question ;      
e.g. reply to an E - mail ;    
  e.g. response to a phone call ;    
e.g. solution to the quiz ;        

Location Awareness Response;

using advance AI, using AI (Artificial Intelligence), for each SPL based sound pattern, to do e.g. answer, reply, response, solution, ... ;

Z-Distribution Ruler;

  Z - Distribution ruler      
ruler ruler ;