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R r;

Re- ; restore; resume; return; revert;

re*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;

oracle (RECO, Recovery Process) DBA;


research; study; Also see: Numerological7;

WHY blue and green sir ? well trained kids ! since you've learnt blue as default (our earth) and green as default (our moon), And Then, there are many human beings livable moons in our universes, therefore, basic understanding would be blue and green 1st, regarding ACT2 imaginary space ... ;

Question: WHICH gravity is used WHILE travelling to our moon ? answer would be: green gravity;
Question: WHICH gravity is used WHILE travelling back to our earth ? answer would be: blue gravity;

don't forget 2 is very very unique in many ways ... ;

Fuse Box Logic,

e.g. ((√(P/R)), (P/V), (V/R)) i.e. I, ampere ... ;
e.g. (((I*I) * R), (V*I), ((V*V)/R)) i.e. P, power ... ;
e.g. ((P/(I*I)), (V/I), ((V*V)/P)) i.e. R, resistance ... ;
e.g. ((√(P*R)), (I*R), (P/I)) i.e. V, volt ... ;

Also see: Schematic Symbols;

SI based ( Ω, Ohm, V/A) electric resistance in quantity; Also see: UNIT;


resource ;      

resource OR device;

reverence, a.k.a. a part of kusala, also see: kPali;

R F Q, Request For Quotation; also see: Cloud;

roaming ;    
roaming ;    
roaming ;    
roaming ;    
roaming ;    
roaming ;    

is equal to square root , also see: Schematic Symbols (Y =X);

  Z - Distribution ruler      
ruler ruler ;