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S s;

Saipan Island, , , , 670;

satellite . this DOMAIN, also see:  Domain;

S C I SCI          
        SCI ;      
    Number ; significant digit ;      

oracle (SCMN, Thread Listener) DBA;

using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to handle script, that might ruin; Anti Virus to handle virus script; for example, if you copy contents underneath from AI FONT, and then you paste above the file, mouse might be ruined, therefore, it is very important to understand that using AI to handle script, that might ruin; logic here is that script cannot be anywhere, therefore, system analyst and system engineer must know HOW to handle ... ; holes & strings (Theory of Everything, a.k.a. Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization) Time . Space . Action oriental thought is a must;

Question: for each script, how many holes must be matched ? e.g. model ( stereo) ... ; approx. 33+ years old info, as of 2016/2560;

content type e.g. all, document, Font, image, Media, other, Script, style sheet, XHR, ... ;

AI automatic fix      
Script       ;

<script type="text / java script">
<!--//--><![ C DATA[//><!--
j Query . extend ( j s . settings, { system objects e.g. all, box, cascade style sheet, close, color, comment, current, date, default, field, java script, Keyword, like, max height, max width, menu, message, min, module, new, next, node, opacity, pick, popup, previous, query, repeat, search, select, simple, site, style, super, theme, tool, total, user, view});
</script> ;

superscripts and subscripts, also see: AI FONT;

composition; literacy radical; sentence; text; writings; Radical89, also see: Radicals;

set ;        
un movable data set ; CISC , complex instruction set
computer ; proper map ; definitional character entity ; code
set position ; current link ; stripe d media ;
empty ; short reference ; code d character ; dynamic
; - of type ; page data ; triangle ;
system character alphabetic code d ;        

documents (docx); presentations (pptx); sheets (xlsx); also see: apps;

shop; store; also see: Biz;

sign in; user name and password is assigned by Internet Service Provider ( ISP) via router; routers are connected through switch; switches are defined by hub (e.g. ground station);

e.g. my ISP 's Internet access with Approval Number, defined by hub (e.g. ground station by city name);

iroColourWaveForm ( silver Diode) ... ; Also see: LED;

Skype is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation; Also see: internet based communication;


IFF 128 (2 ^ 7) bit AND beyond, GPS, radar, radio, solar, sonar, sound patterns, wireless, ... ;

sonar echolocation; ultrasonic; also see: climate; weather;

sos * also see: command;

South Sudan, , , , 211;

s p a m    
          to     spam (
un solicit e d e mail message s ) ;
  block ;   mail ; spamming ,    
        e.g. send i n g email
;       e.g. send i n g message
  s ;              


            split ;  

e.g. 1 window can split into 2 windows;

SQL Server YEAR R♯ Transact-SQL Language Service, Microsoft component;

s q r t 2 ( SQRT2 )    
            a.k.a. square root 2
            a.k.a. 2

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 178, Distance Approximation with C Sequence Number, Math approach; IFF problems of infinity exists ... ; i.e. square root 2 Model; IFF developing square root 3 (√3) model, also see: SQRT3 (e.g. 1.73205 ... ); above table uses Bio Clock background, because Time . Space . Action oriental concept has been applied; think that Time (Bio Clock) 's Space (e.g. floating points) ... ;

induction (), also see: 2;

Sri Lanka, , , , 94;

SONY time zone (GMT+5:30) Sri Lanka  ... ; IFF Even Time Horizontal DEE, iroColourWaveForm ( Internet) e.g. Green Blue Internet, Green Gray Internet, Gray Blue Internet, Gray Green Internet, ... universally; (Time Zone) ... ;

St. Pierre and Miquelon, , , , 508;

get up; recover; rise; stand up; to make initial charge; to start (e.g. to boot up); to take action; Radical146;

star, e.g. ; ; group of stars, a.k.a. Constellations;


Special Radical 253, also see: Radicals;

AI (12559, steer) i.e. to change direction;

Light Sheet Storage, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 237, Light Sheet Storage;

internal storage; (No; Yes);

Storm is a bad climate condition, therefore, at the storm's location, try to be good weather condition; To be good climate condition, pinpoint the storm's location on screen as a surface in the Internet, and then do good action on the defined surface; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea ♯ 158; MANMADE GLOBAL WEATHER; e.g. Directional Gravity Pressure, World Line, ... ;

HOW to reduce storm, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 192; Manmade Global Weather (service) ... ;

jet stream; climate; Also see: Weather;


superior; Radical201, also see: Radicals;


switching adapter; e.g. input (♯ A, ♯ c/s (Hz), ♯ V); e.g. output (♯ A, ♯ c/s (Hz), ♯ V); Also see: Electricity Power Plug;

switching adaptor; VI;

Sync Services for ADO.NET v♯.♯ (x64) LANGUAGE, Microsoft component;