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S s;

(16, 24, 256) are with keywords e.g. bit; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 204; Wafer;

(45, 60, 72) i.e. Satellite Method (wormhole parameter) to protect earthquake and tsunami, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2; e.g. no more earthquake in Japan; e.g. no more tsunami in Japan;

SAE ;        
        Also see : metric ;  

SANs, Storage Area Networks; Also see: Acronym;


seen from distance e.g. WiFi (Wireless) ... ;

self control

set ;        
map such that 285 inverse image 66 1 compact set
is compact ; RISC , reduce d instruction set computer
( or Computing ) ; set of fill area
set s with data ; ESDS , Entry - Sequence
d Data Set ; link ; file ; name ;
data - ; tool ; chip ; type ; load
set period ; poly line set with data ;  

sheath; shell; wrapping; Radical136;

Protocol and Port ( S P B) Shortest Path Bridging, also see: Cloud;

Sierra Leone, , , , 232;

computer simulations;

IFF square root of two, 64 numbers of floating point, 1st to understand 17;

Slovak Republic, , , , 421;

oracle (SMON, System Monitor) DBA;

snaky alike heat sensing, also see: bio; WHERE energy forms as iro Colour ... ;

oracle (Snnn, Shared Servers) DBA;

detective; snoop; spy; Radical115;

Spain, , , , 34;

flood; spate; torrent;

sport     sport (Olympic sports): archery; badminton; basketball; beach volleyball; boxing; canoe kayak; cycling; diving; equestrian; fencing; field hockey; golf; gymnastics; handball; judo; modern pentathlon; rhythmic gymnastics; rowing; rugby; sailing; shooting; soccer; swimming; synchronized swimming; table tennis; taekwondo; tennis; track and field; trampoline; triathlon; volleyball; water polo; weightlifting; wrestling;

spot (a.k.a. position);

SQL Server System CLR Types (x64), Microsoft component;

gene therapy systems do 76647555 (Good Gene) cure abdominal discomfort, abnormal stomach muscles (e.g. bloating, cramping), ... ;

halt; stop; Radical58;

straightening one's view, a.k.a. a part of kusala, also see: kPali;

        sunflower ;      
        Himawari Satellite ;      

super*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;

Swaziland, , , , 268;

        SYNC ;      
          Synchronization ;    
            Synchronization Destination ;

system reduce tsunami * also see: command;