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Sa (family name, surname); Sakuwa (family name, surname); Sasa (name); Radical358;

10th of shaku; measurement; Radical48;

sacred lotus ;      

Sai (family name, surname); Radical251;


* * san, a suffix, to a given name, ... to a family name;

Satsuka (family name, surname); Radical166;

Matcha tea; Sencha tea; Radical299;

Shakya (a.k.a. Swastika) King, the one and only ruler of imaginary hyper space in our universes ... ; Radical117, also see: Radicals;

Shi (name); Shin (name); Radical321;

Shikazaki (family name, surname); Radical236;

shin shin, snow falling lightly at night ... ;

Shina (family name, surname); Radical222;

Shira (name); Shirasaki (family name, surname); Radical135;

shitsurei shimasu, similar to "excuse me", WHILE entering into house or office, if calling attention, say shitsurei shimasu , phone rings WHILE eating together, say shitsurei shimasu to people before answering, "excuse me" alike ... ; also see: sumimasen;

shito shito, lightly rain from the sky ...

Shiyu (family name, surname); Radical101;

Shizuka (female given name); Radical126;

Shizuku (female name); Radical259;

Shuu (i.e. female name); Radical170;

Shuudouin (place name) also see: Monastery;

sound of one flat surface (e.g. paper) ... ;

Sokkoujo (place name); weather measurement station;

space between;

square on a grid ; also see: bUsage;

... suki desu, , I like OBJECT ... , e.g.

"ABC" ga suki desu, I like "ABC",

bara ga suki desu, I like roses,

tako ga suki desu, I like octopus,

camera ga suki desu, I like camera;

also, can be used for "activity" e.g. playing badminton, playing table tennis a.k.a. ping pong, ... ;

Sumi (family name, surname); Radical181;

sumimasen , Excuse me!, ... ; also see: shitsurei shimasu, ;

one thousandth of sun; Radical103;

Surprise!, also see, taihen ... ;

sushiyani ikitai desu, "let's go together & eat sushi" ...;

Susumu (name); Radical7;

Susumu (name); Radical261;

suya suya, sleeping peacefully ...

Numbers in Dhamma;

sad, sad, pun pun; cry;    

shiku shiku, cry, cry;