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T t;

palate; taste; Radical38;

be content; coax; pamper; sugary; sweet taste; Radical128;

Terman , unclassified name ;  
  Terme , place name ;  
choice of word s ; condition ; cut off (
date ) ; dead line ; dialect ; expression ;
interval ; language ; long - term ; manner of
speak i n g ; period ; phrase log y
; remark ; requirement ; short - term ; speech
; terminology ; time frame ; time limit ; word
i n g ;


regarding local vs. remote, "there" is more likely to be remote; Also see: remote;

(here, there)

here, physically close to (e.g. this place, this position) ... ;
there, physically distant (e.g. over there, that place, there is) ... ;
here and there, everywhere, all around, all over, everywhere;

are That One Over There; sore That, also see: hUsage;

(9, 24, 32, 37, 108) i.e. beads count;

this hon Book is :    
to create 1 distribute d client - server app with
to populate 1 server app ( game observer ) with
; USA Myanmar . net AI ( decimal
) for all device s ... ;

2,3 dimensional for ACT2 Space; 3,4 dimensional for ACT3 Space; Universally, human beings livable moons, owned by Shakya (a.k.a. Swastika) King;  Gravity Dimension Computer ( GPS) is developed by Rakhine; Within time ( half second), IFF IPv6 devices, approx. more than 4+ billions devices can be connected e.g.  active, because of this DOMAIN 's one of the techniques e.g. 2 ^ any number ... ;

kore This wa DOMAIN ;    
this       Domain e.g.    
www . ace jaw . net ;      
www . america myanmar . net ;      
www . usa myanmar . net ;      
2891 a.k.a. THIS IFF aka.INF ( i.e. numerological ) ;

this character must be in left side; Radical37, also see: Radicals;

this is 1 book ... ;

IFF Registry Editor (e.g. Microsoft platform), "this DOMAIN" is defined by *LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ ... ;

this device and its antenna, also see: radio, Wireless, Wireless Antenna;

Radical89: this program is working with all windows, e.g. Pre School English Typing;

3 legged metal pot; Radical247;

three lights and one dark, also see: 4_Planets_Prediction;

three lines of any number;

x variable (
line number (e.g. line1) 's suuji Number in linear are added to be whole (i.e. induction) as numerological (line1);
line number (e.g. line2) 's suuji Number in linear are added to be whole (i.e. induction) as numerological (line2);
line number (e.g. line3) 's suuji Number in linear are added to be whole (i.e. induction) as numerological (line3));

y variable (
total sum of all numbers (in line1, in line2, and in line3 (i.e. three lines)) are added to be whole (i.e. induction) as numerological (total sum));

IFF x variable (numerological whole number) is equal to y variable (numerological whole number), and then, correct, QA results okay, TRUE, ... ;

Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 187; 3 lines of any number;

IFF x variable (numerological whole number) is NOT equal to y variable (numerological whole number), and then, FALSE, incorrect, wrong, ... ;

single phase; three phase (120° out of phase each other); IFF 360° as 1 second, and then 0.33333 second would be a phase's pattern;

long time ago; Radical81;

days , time , year
time machine
  time ;
T D M A , time division multi p l
e access ; T D M A , time division
multiple access ; T D D , time division duplex
; MTTR , Mean Time To Repair ; turn -
on stabilizing ; seek time ; rotation a l
delay , search time ; read cycle ; slicing ;
cycle ; run - time routine ; optical fall ;
time process i n g ;        

::. i.e. system time as numbers ... ;

replica set e.g. network topology ( green )
  , e.g. network topology ( blue )
  , e.g. network topology ( red )
  , e.g. network topology ( yellow )
  ,         topology ;  

flood; spate; torrent;

brightness, hibernate, lock, mute, output, power plan, sleep, touch pad, wireless, zoom; Also see: FN;

  trace ;    
line ; mode ; program ; stack ;    
trace on 1 map i.e. vision ;      
  fault ;              

Until 2013/2557, 4 billions computers' RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can be traced; IFF IPv6, more than 4 billions devices with RFID can be traced; Because of this DOMAIN 's one of the techniques e.g. 2 ^ any number (trace), hackers' computers can be pinpointed and then ... ; Therefore, do not hack;

(genkin (cash), kogitte (checks), jidou furikae (direct debit), kouza furikae (direct debit), tegata (promissory note), furikomi (wire transfer)) (EFT) Zengin system;

(ATM) network;
(ATMs) machines; also see: Biz;

transference of merit, a.k.a. a part of kusala, also see: kPali;

Protocol and Port ( T R I L L) Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links, also see: Cloud;

tri*, also see: Prefix And Suffix;

TSH, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone ( Gene Therapy System) to be normal TSH patterns ... ;

      7 4 2 ;      
      655 256 28955 ;      
      655256   ;    ;      
        25628955 ;    ;      
      one two three ;      
      1 2 3 ;      
      a b c ;      

yellowish variation (123, a.k.a. ABC) ... ; for each human beings livable moon, measure yellowish variation in mm; Also see: Number; after understanding yellowish variation in our universes, it is the time to develop B L I (Body Length Index) auto adjustment; prove that we human beings can live on many moons (yellowish variations in mm) and then C Sequence Number (BF2) ... ; distance approx. with C Sequence Number (also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 178, Distance Approximation with C Sequence Number, Math approach) solved problems of infinity already but this DOMAIN developer still cannot solve problems of "cracks" WHICH kill symmetries (e.g. 5W1H of HOW brunches happen naturally) ... ;

tuple, a table's row (record) in a database; e.g. tuple per second WHILE querying databases;
tuple, ordered list; e.g. N tuple is a sequence of N elements, WHERE N is non-negative integer, in math;
tuple, using the construction of the ordered pair;