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T t;

Tajikistan, , , , 7;


    temperature ;    
            high ;    
            normal ;    
            low ;    

yellow color for yellowish variation in our universes; aqua color for gravity measurement because either aqua or cyan has been defined as Normal Gravity (because world's the one & only Gravity Dimension Computer, designed, engineered, developed by Rakhine); (black, gray, silver) for gray scale simulation; red background color for high; green background color for normal; black background color for low; please do not change the defined values, because yellow color truly varies on human livable moons, BLI auto adjustment is still in R&D (not done yet in the early 21st century), temperature is also very important factor in gene therapy system, ... ;

for each time zone, for each nuclear plant e.g. (Nuclear1, Nuclear2), monitoring temperature ... ;

dot; tick; Radical3, also see: Radicals;

mid tier ;


days , time , year
time machine
  time ;
operating ; time slot ( 95 multiplex i n g
) ; compilation ; slot time ( 95 C S
M A - C D ) system product i on
; rotation a l delay time , search time ;
time process i n g ; set t l i
n g ; lead ;          


      transform ;        
I F F wave , F F T    
          fast Fourier Transform ( i.e.
periodic function s as sum of sine OR cosine
) to convert in to 1 different state ;  

Tsunami is a bad climate condition, therefore, at the tsunami's location, try to be good weather condition; To be good climate condition, pinpoint the tsunami's location on screen as a surface in the Internet, and then do good action on the defined surface; also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement, idea ♯ 158; MANMADE GLOBAL WEATHER; e.g. eccentric circles on surface; WORMHOLE to prevent and to protect abnormal surface in oceans;

HOW to reduce tsunami, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 1, idea ♯ 192; Manmade Global Weather (service) ... ;

this DOMAIN (Satellite DNS System) chopping plate alike tsunami by launching Manmade Global Weather (parallel world lines, 1 kilo meter long in length only) into the defined tsunami's location in ocean's surface water i.e. to reduce tsunami;

Turkmenistan, , , , 7;