Last updated on 2017/2561 12 3, a full moon day;     Time     Time ;

1:00;     1 o'clock;

1st sign of Chinese zodiac; Radical46;

2:00; it is 2 o'clock;

2nd sign in Chinese calendar; Radical5;


4th sign in Chinese calendar; Radical260;


5th sign of Chinese zodiac, March; Radical194;

6th sign of Chinese zodiac; April; Radical266;


7:00 in the morning;


8th sign in Chinese calendar; Radical193;

8th sign of Chinese zodiac (Sheep); Radical159;

9th sign of Chinese zodiac; Radical255;


10th sign of Chinese zodiac, August; Radical195;

rooster is 10th sign of Chinese zodiac; Radical234;


Abhidhamma Day a full moon day, e.g. 2009/10/3 ; also see: aPali; 31 planes ;


      the time s      
      those day s      

(2*6) is this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts' one of the dimensions (e.g. (2*5), (2*6), (2*7)) doko WHERE (2*6) is Z alike, and notice that 2 is very very very unique in many ways, therefore, if you are satellite designer or hyper space craft engineer, please do not change Sqrt2 design, even though Sqrt2 with Sqrt3 design has been developed and tested and Working ... but notice that 2 is very very unique like coexistence, essence, pros and cons, unbreakable, yin and yang, ... ;

age; generation; society; world; Radical148;

ahead of time;

All Saints' Day, in Gregorian calendar (e.g. November 1st, 2017);

Notice that the next day of Halloween (October 31st in Gregorian calendar), and once a year Halloween day is celebrated in Japan and America; Halloween's traditional activity: at day time, working peoples wear all kids of "Halloween" purpose dress/item at "Halloween" purpose decorated work places; at night time (just after sunset) kids wear all kinds of costume, representing fantastic, mythical, scary, and walk door-to-door, and knock ! knock ! knock ! , say "Trick or Treat" and peoples in common say "Treat" and with giving away candies to the kids; Halloween's traditional organic produce: yellow color pumpkin; Halloween's traditional usage: saying Trick or Treat ! ;

Anapanasati Day, celebrates on full moon day in November, sermon in Vipassana tradition, disciples' progress ... "mindful breathing in and out" a.k.a. anapana sati;

basically, "anapana" means breath-in, breath-out medication, ... also see: aPali; "sati" means mindfulness ... also see: sPali;

Ancestor Day, a.k.a. Ulambana Mahayana festival, in 8th lunar month; for general knowledge, also see: Ubon;

at any given time, e.g. unlimited storage space can be in the Internet IFF Time > 1 year, e.g. 4.7GB storage space (a.k.a. DVD) can be in the Internet  IFF Time < 1 day; Remark: oriental concept, Time . Space . Action, and basic understanding of HOW this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space system has been designed for thousands of years ... ; In early 21st century, also see: Cloud Computing ... ; Think that time is like essence, key, philosophy, ... , space is like disk (e.g. USB drive), header, yellowish variation in distance, ... , and action is like flow of (active or passive), logic, way, ... ; at any given time;

at present;

at that time;

based on format cell's Time Type e.g. timestamp;


Blue Squared (Time);
Green Squared (Time);
in Dark Energy Engineering (DEE),
roll-able window (e.g. CWRW, CCWRW),
VR, walls (6 surfaces),
... are based on HOW DEE can be presented as squared to be,
And Then, invisibility engineering may begin,
WORMHOLE way engineering may also begin, ... ;
Also see: PHYSICS;

Remark: since embedded GPS device has been with 2 (1 mm ones) gravity spots' 1 way DEE momentum, regarding invisibility engineering and WORMHOLE way engineering, think that our eyes are like 2 (1 mm ones) gravity spots' current location, kuru kuru WHILE walking into directional DEE environmental (e.g. VR, walls) ... ; Blue Squared (Time) and Green Squared (Time) are for defining imaginary hyper space crafts' interior symmetry;

Buddha's Birthday, a.k.a. Vesak ; 1 day to celebrate the birth, enlightenment, and paranirvana passing; observe on full moon day in May, IFF leap year, observe in June;

Buddha calendar, based on eastern civilization's lunar calendar, days are in 2*7 lunar time, and days are also in 2*5 JUN time,  also see: sāsana year;

Mahayana New Year starts on the 1st full moon day of January or early February, in China, Korea, and Vietnam; Tibetan new year starts in February or early March;

Theravada New Year starts by 3+ days on the 1st full moon day in April, in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand;

Thousands of years, Myanmar uses lunar calendar in Myanmar way, therefore, Myanmar lunar calendar's full moon day may vary 24 hours or 1 day, if compare to Chinese lunar calendar, also if compare to Japanese lunar calendar, also if compare to Thai lunar calendar, ... ; 

Remark: if you were a person WHO knows exactly WHEN was born in eastern civilization's lunar calendar, and also recorded in western civilization calendar e.g. Julian, and then you may notice that birth date diff approx. 20+ days in 100 years, for example, if you were born on Jan. 10, 2009, Full moon (US), a.k.a. LuTheb, a.k.a. Birthday Sakya Pandita and then next 100 years, on Jan. 10, 2109, your birth date will be diff approx. 20+ days in 100 years, IFF compare eastern civilization's lunar calendar vs. western civilization's calendar ;

calendar date;

(Clock) 31196 a.k.a. CASIO ... ;

CASIO (clock) for each City Code (e.g. TYO), using artificial intelligence to do setting Home City time ... ; 31196;
CASIO (clock) for each City Code (e.g. LAX), using artificial intelligence to do setting Home City time ... ; 31196;
CASIO (clock) for each City Code (e.g. -02), using artificial intelligence to do setting Home City time ... ; 31196;
CASIO (clock) for each City Code (e.g. LON), using artificial intelligence to do setting Home City time ... ; 31196;
CASIO (clock) for each City Code (e.g. RGN), using artificial intelligence to do setting Home City time ... ; 31196;


Chenrezig  Kuan Yin, China, Bodhisattva ideal, represented by deities  festival, full moon day in March;

China, Korea, ... , Lunar New Year day, New Moon, e.g. 2011, February 3rd;

Chinese (Lunar) New Year, e.g. 2012, January 23;

Chinese New Year days, e.g. 2010, February, 12, 13, 14, 15; also see: 4 phase  zodiac year-signs;

(Clock) 3929855 a.k.a. CITIZEN ... ;

clock time;

coordinate     coordinate;

daily ; day by day ; everyday ; Radical292;

date          date , also see: command;  

date of birth;


counter for days; Radical94;

IFF counters, also see: 6cComputer;

day ;            
IFF ( 7 day s ) 1 LUNAR ;  
  IFF ( 10 day s ) 1 JUN ;

10 days , a time period, originally from Japanese katakana language, also see: JUN _time ;

normal yellowish variation (our earth) ... ; BLI (Body Length Index) e.g. growth rate as normal growth rate; because of yellowish variations on human beings livable moons in our universes, growth rate may vary ... ; Gene Therapy System;

day before yesterday;     one and last day;

daily ; day by day ; everyday ; Radical292;

day off;     rest + day;

days and months; time; years; Radical294;

daytime     daytime;

(sunrise, noon, sunset, night, midnight, ... ) variable DEE patterns;

Dhamma Day, a.k.a. Asalha Puja Day; Traditional rainy season retreat a.k.a. Vassa begins on the following day,  in July, full moon day in October, and marks 1 period, conclusion of Vassa, a.k.a. Pavarana Day; also see: Abhidhamma Day, Myanmar Buddhists believe that Buddha went to Tushita Heaven, and teach his mother the Abhidamma, on the full moon day;




early morning;

lunar eclipse   2
solar eclipse  

Our Earth Eclipse; WHAT is eclipse sir ? well trained kids ! the truth is I ain't know exactly, but imaginary would be: out of our earth's binding (8) ... ; transparency of our earth's one-and-only sun (the biggest gravity spot) at eclipse event (ecliptic line); IFF many human beings livable moons, 28 = (6, 13, 8) + 1 (one-and-only sun), and 28 is a holly number in Buddhism; 90° to Moon Wave naturally; IFF momentum, eclipse belongs to (2*6), and (2*6) is a part of ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7)) doko WHERE (2*7) is a.k.a. 2 phase lunar; 10 = (2*5) a.k.a. Up JUN; eclipse event causes eyes happen naturally (DEE analysis), similar to Eccentric _ circles; sections happen naturally (DEE analysis) regarding string e.g. BF1 growth rate is somehow related to eclipse; tip happens naturally (DEE analysis) regarding hole; (2*6) is momentum a.k.a. depth of our universe; Remark: 2 events of 3 lights are 90° to each other; Even Time Horizontal DEE happens naturally because of eclipse; IFF WORMHOLE, NOT 45°, either 60° or 72°, i.e. naturally, regarding wormhole parameter (45, 60, 72); IFF 108 configuration (3, 3, 3, 3, and 10, 7, 10), eclipse is one of the 3s, and it is NOT a part of (10, 7, 10); eclipse, a part of 3,4 dimensional imaginary hyper space, in ACT2; kuru kuru WHILE eclipse event on ecliptic line (e.g. no moon day of both 2 phase lunar calendar and 4 phase lunar calendar, 2017 August 21, if our earth (USA), from Oregon to North Carolina), 1 km hotspots' temperature a.k.a. Jet Stream's holes, cells (Eccentric _ circles) on zero curvature surface (HOW eyes happen naturally), Even Time Horizontal DEE, SPL on ecliptic line WHILE eclipse event, variable DEE patterns, i.e. at different orbital line e.g. out of our earth's binding (8); also see: Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization; if Big Bang Theory of Western Civilization, a tangent line (sun-moon-earth) and moon is between sun and earth (a.k.a. eclipse); Also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2 idea ♯ 239; (2*6), a part of ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7));

Spin speed is approx. 6 months, if compare to our earth's spin speed is approx. 1 day; IFF number (in a series) also see: 4 Planets Prediction;

IFF once by approx. 372 years, also see: ; the day (lunar eclipse AND the winter solstice AND full moon day) ... ;

IFF (2 * 6) AND solar eclipse AND constellations (DEE) , C Sequence Number (BF2) Galaxy Distance (Yellowish) staple at the constellations ... ; 2,3 dimensional only; NOT at the Even Time Horizontal DEE; Gravity Dimension Computer (synchronization) among locations (e.g. our earth, constellations, Even Time Horizontal DEE, ... ) and then, analysis of HOW (element ♯ > FE) can be made artificially (i.e. synthetic) ... ; Solar Eclipse Synchronization for (2,3 dimensional space crafts AND 3,4 dimensional space crafts)  ... ;

Buddha Lunar Gregorian Eclipse Solstice  Equinox  Hour  Minute  Second  Remark
e.g. e.g. e.g. e.g. e.g. e.g. e.g. e.g. e.g. e.g.
2561 no moon day 2017 August 21 solar eclipse total     1st in USA, in 21st century; no moon day of both 2 phase lunar calendar and 4 phase lunar calendar; across USA; approx. 3000+ km on ecliptic line; 99 years;
2556 a few days after full moon day (i.e. 2012/6/4) 2012 June Earth-Venus-Sun           ; ; ; approx. 105 years;


2556 no moon day 2012/5/20 solar           ; ;

; Japan; West of America;

2554 ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
2554 full moon day 2010/12/21 lunar yy     72  21 1st in 372 years, Yahoo's news; 
    5 35 7
2554   2010 solar       7    
     2000/7/16  lunar eclipse     1 47    
 ...  ...  ...  ...  ...  ...  ...  ... ...   ...

2012/5/20, solar eclipse partial, to green5, (i.e. Even Time Horizontal DEE) at , location (west of America); approx. 923 years; also west of Pacific Ocean (e.g. Japan); This is the time WHERE (Earth, Moon, green5) are on the same line might be, and some researchers record its left and right (i.e. coexistence data) from ground on earth, a Myanmar way of understanding would be ... ; In Nippon, character is similar to character WHERE left and right are most of the time not the same (i.e. a Myanmar way of understanding would be 2,3 dimensional) ... ; Planet green5 is not official info, till year 2560;

IFF military, add more columns and rows, and do better detail in shorter seconds ... for another approx. 372 years ... ; Because, military power is how time can be in shorter and shorter slices ... ; In real time advance military systems, shortest time sliced systems win ... ;

Elephant festival, Thai, 3rd Saturday in November;

IFF suffix: epoch; Radical148;

Even Time Horizontal DEE ... ; Also see: ACT3 Imaginary Hyper dimensional; Heavenly Wheel Topology; doko WHERE 2 shadows by 1 object, distance 26 11 2; C Sequence Number (BF2) structured symmetry space, this DOMAIN 's imaginary hyper space crafts, using ((2*5)y, (2*6)z, (2*7)x) with multi (time line, time line surface) ... ; Because, 2 shadows of 1 object at 1 time, without Gray Scale Simulation's weight ... ;


evening; Radical43;

daily ; day by day ; everyday ; Radical292;

everyday (e.g. processing & securing transactions), also see: Biz;

every single day, a.k.a. everyday;

every year;

Festival of the tooth, Sri Lanka, full moon night in August, Buddha's tooth;

few weeks later;

F M D, Full Moon Day;

beginning; former time; origin; Radical118;

  2 phase 4 phase 2 phase 4 phase 4 phase  

full moon days: 2562, 2561; 2560; ...

2016/1/1 2016/1/2 last quarter
2017/1/27 2016/1/9 no moon
2016/12/29 2016/12/29 new moon;

2017/1/5 2016/1/16 2016/1/16 first quarter
2017/1/12 2017/1/12 2016/1/24 2016/1/23 2016/1/23 full moon

2017/1/19 2016/1/31 2016/1/31 last quarter
2017/2/25 2016/2/8 no moon
2017/1/28 2016/1/9 2016/1/9 new moon
  2017/1/28   new moon; Chinese New Year;

2017/2/4 2016/2/15 2016/2/15 first quarter
2017/2/11 2017/2/11 2016/2/23 2016/2/22 2016/2/22 full moon

2017/2/18 2016/3/1 2016/3/1 last quarter
2017/3/27 2016/3/8 no moon
2017/2/26 2016/2/8 2016/2/8 new moon

2017/3/5 2016/3/15 2016/3/15 first quarter
2017/3/12 2017/3/12 2016/3/23 2016/3/23 2016/3/23 full moon

2017/3/20 2016/3/31 2016/3/31 last quarter
2017/4/25 2016/4/7 no moon
2017/3/28 2016/3/8 2016/3/8 new moon
2017/4/3 2016/4/13 2016/4/13 first quarter
2017/4/11 2017/4/11 2016/4/22 2016/4/22 2016/4/22 full moon

2017/4/19 2016/4/29 2016/4/29 last quarter
2017/5/25 2016/5/6 no moon
2016/4/26 2016/4/7 2016/4/7 new moon
2017/5/3 2016/5/13 2016/5/13 first quarter
2017/5/10 2017/5/10 2016/5/21 2016/5/21 2016/5/21 full moon

2017/5/19 2016/5/29 2016/5/29 last quarter
2017/6/23 2016/6/5 no moon
2017/5/25 2016/5/6 2016/5/6 new moon
2017/6/1 2016/6/12 2016/6/12 first quarter
2017/6/9 2017/6/9 2016/6/20 2016/6/20 2016/6/20 full moon

2017/6/17 2016/6/27 2016/6/27 last quarter
2017/7/23 2016/7/4 no moon
2017/6/24 2016/6/4 2016/6/4 new moon
2017/7/1 2016/7/11 2016/7/11 first quarter
2017/7/8 2017/7/9 2016/7/19 2016/7/19 2016/7/19 full moon

2017/7/16 2016/7/26 2016/7/26 last quarter
2017/8/21 2016/8/3 no moon
2017/7/23 2016/7/4 2016/7/4 new moon
2017/7/30 2016/8/10 2016/8/10 first quarter
2017/8/7 2017/8/7 2016/8/18 2016/8/18 2016/8/18 full moon

2017/8/15 2016/8/24 2016/8/24 last quarter
2017/9/20 2016/9/1 no moon
2017/8/21 2016/8/2 2016/8/2 new moon
2017/8/29 2016/9/9 2016/9/9 first quarter
2017/9/5 2017/9/6 2016/9/16 2016/9/16 2016/9/16 full moon

2017/9/13 2016/9/23 2016/9/23 last quarter
2017/10/19 2016/10/1 no moon
2017/9/20 2016/9/1 2016/9/1 new moon
2017/9/28 2016/10/8 2016/10/8 first quarter
2017/10/5 2017/10/5 2016/10/16 2016/10/15 2016/10/15 full moon

  2017/10/12 2016/10/22 2016/10/22 last quarter
2017/11/18   2016/10/30 no moon
2017/10/19 2016/9/30 2016/9/30 new moon
2017/10/27 2016/11/7 2016/11/7 first quarter
2017/11/3 2017/11/4 2016/11/14 2016/11/14 2016/11/14 full moon

2017/11/10 2016/11/21 2016/11/21 last quarter
2017/12/17 2016/11/29 no moon
2017/11/18 2016/10/30 2016/10/30 new moon
2017/11/26 2016/12/7 2016/12/7 first quarter
  2017/12/3 2017/12/3 2016/12/14 2016/12/13 2016/12/13 full moon

2017/12/10 2016/12/20 2016/12/20 last quarter
2018/1/16 2016/12/28 no moon
2017/12/18 2016/11/29 2016/11/29 new moon
2017/12/26 first quarter
  2018/1/1 full moon
  2018/1/31 full moon
lunar eclipse total
solar eclipse total
lunar eclipse partial
solar eclipse partial
solar eclipse annular

DEE FMD _ Our Earth ;

IFF diff (no moon) distance from north to middle;

IFF diff (no moon AND new moon) distance from south to middle;

(Center: Japan Town, City: San Francisco, State: California, Country: USA) in calendars AND 4 lunar phases;

Myanmar uses 2 lunar phases, e.g. (no moon day, full moon day);

if Tibetan calendar, Full moon (US), a.k.a. LuTheb, a.k.a. Birthday Sakya Pandita; Full moon (EU), a.k.a. Sodjong; Tibetan New Year; Full moon, a.k.a. Sodjong-Dsamling, a.k.a. Tchi Sang day; ... ;


Gregorian calendar, a western civilization's calendar, concerning numbers in years are whether divisible by 4, whether divisible by 400, ...   also see: Julian calendar  number  ...  ;

initialization phase, Gregorian calendar (year / divisor 4) is zero or not, IFF remainder is zero i.e. leap year, month (February) 29 days ... ;
initialization phase, MOD (Gregorian calendar year number, 4) is zero or not, IFF remainder is zero i.e. leap year, therefore 29 days 95 285 month of February ... ;

initialization phase, Gregorian calendar (year / divisor 4) is zero or not, IFF remainder is zero i.e. leap year, month (February), day (29) ... ;

initialization phase, MOD (Gregorian calendar year number, 4) is zero or not, IFF remainder is zero i.e. leap year, therefore 29 days in the month of February ... ;

half an hour     also see: ima ... ;

half second, ...

1st to understand 0.5 second momentum ... , 2nd to understand 2 capacitance ... , 3rd to understand lights vary WHEN gravity is applied ... , also see: iroColourWaveForm (Particles) ... ;

IFF 2535769212965, i.e. Teleportation ... ; from 2,3 dimensional space to 3,4 dimensional space ... ;
IFF 2535769212965, i.e. Teleportation ... ; from 3,4 dimensional space to 2,3 dimensional space ... ;

holiday;     rest + day;

e.g. in 2017, IFF USA (United States of America), holidays are, New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day;

in addition to holidays,
IFF physicians, 1 month vacation days, and 7 sick days per year, and CME conference days are allowed;
IFF professional, (2 weeks) 14 vacation days and 3 sick days per year;

e.g. in 2011, IFF main land China, holidays are, New Year's Day, Chinese New Year Holidays begins ... , Last Day of New Year Holiday, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival Day, Mid-Autumn Festival Day, National Day; In 2011, China, IFF Hong Kong, holidays are, New Year's Day, Spring Festival Lunar New Year Day, Easter Holiday, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Good Friday Day, Holy Saturday Day, Easter Day, Easter Monday Day, Labor Day, Buddha's Birthday, Dragon Boat Festival Day, Special Administrative Region Establishment Day, Day After Mid-Autumn Festival Day, National Day, Chung Yeung Festival Day, Christmas Day, Boxing Day;

e.g. in 2011, IFF India, holidays are, New Year's Day, Makar Sankranti (North India) Day, Makar Sankranti (Bengal) Day, Republic Day, Prophet Muhammad's Birthday, Milad-un-Nabi Day, Maha Shivaratri Day, Holi Day, Ram Navami Day, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's Birthday, Mahavir Jayanti Day, Good Friday Day, Easter Day, Buddha Purnima Day, Independence Day, Janamashtami Day, Ramzan-Eid (Eid al-Fitr) Day, Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday Day, Diwali (Deepavali) Day, Bakr-Eid (Eid al-Adha) Day, Guru Nanak's Birthday Day, Islamic New Year Day, Christmas Day;

e.g. in 2011, IFF Japan, holidays are, New Year's Day, Coming of Age Day, National Foundation Day, Vernal Equinox Day, Shōwa Day, Constitution Memorial Day, Greenery Day, Children's Day, Marine Day, Respect for the Aged Day, Autumnal Equinox Day, Health and Sports Day, Culture Day, Labor Thanksgiving Day, The Emperor's Birthday;

e.g. in 2011, IFF Singapore, holidays are, New Year's Day, Chinese New Year Holiday days, Good Friday, Easter Day, Labor Day, Vesak Day (Buddha's Birthday), Beginning of Ramadan Day, National Day, Hari Raya Puasa (Eid al-Fitr) Day, Deepavali Day, Hari Raya Haji (Eid al-Adha) Day, Christmas Day;

e.g. in 2011, IFF South Korea, holidays are, New Year's Day, Lunar New Year Holiday days, Independence Movement Day, Children's Day, Birth of Buddha Day, Memorial Day, Constitution Day, Independence Day, Harvest Moon Festival Day, National Foundation Day, Christmas Day;

e.g. in 2011, IFF Thailand, holidays are, New Year's Day, Makha Bucha Day, Chakri Day, Songkran (Thai New Year) days, Labor Day, Coronation Day, Visakha Bucha Day (Buddha's Birthday), Asanha Bucha Day, Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent begins) Day, Queen's Birthday Day, Chulalongkorn Day, Loy Kratong Day, King's Birthday Day, Constitution Day, New Year's Eve Day;

hour     hour;

1:00 ichi ji        
2:00 ni ji          
3:00   san ji        
4:00 yo ji          
  5:00 go ji        
  6:00 roku ji      
7:00 shichi ji        
  8:00 hachi ji      
9:00 ku ji          
10:00 juu ji        
  11:00 juuichi ji  
12:00 juuni ji      
1:30 ichiji han    

IFF Universal Positioning System , using time lines (i.e., 24mm, 12mm, 6mm, 3mm), using surfaces (i.e., 5*2, 6*2, 7*2), using 2 events of 90° e.g. DEE ... ; 2,3 dimensional ... ; 3,4 dimensional ... ; object (17) ... ; also see: orbit;

Heisei era; Nippon Emperor's Birthday, December 23; Japan a.k.a. NIPPON; Emperor's Birthday, a.k.a. Emperor Day;

idea ♯ 234; 5+ Centuries of Brain, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2;

Julian calendar, a western civilization's calendar, established by Julius Caesar, in 46 BC [ approx. 600+ years after YIN and YANG ]; Days are 28, 29, 30, and 31 in a month [ regarding number 31, also see: 31 plane ]; IFF leap year a.k.a. every 4th year, February is 29 days, 12 months are a year; Either 365 or 366 days are a year, also see: Gregorian calendar; 123456789  ... ;

JUN 10 - day period    
JUN time              
1st . 10 day s of month    
  2nd . 10 day 1 66 month  
    3rd . 10 day s of month
10 a.k.a. up JUN        
  20 a.k.a. middle JUN      
    30 a.k.a. down JUN    
IFF 2 , also see Swastika ; YIN and YANG
; cause - and - effect , pros and cons

IFF (10 days) Jun ... ; Jun;

using 1 Time Machine, IFF Time Line (distance in mm) different, adjust with (SYNC) ... ;

just a.k.a. a short time; just;

Kathina Day, any convenient day within 1 month, after conclusion of 3 months vassa retreat, robes, offerings, donations, among Sangha ;

last week;

last year      last year;

late morning;

one year later;

six months later;

leap year, e.g. MOD (Gregorian calendar year number, 4) is zero ... ; 29 days in the month of February;

light year (i.e. Western Civilization's distance measurement in space); yellowish variation in mm (Eastern Civilization's distance measurement in space); e.g. 5 mm yellowish variation distance; e.g. 10 mm yellowish variation distance;

IFF label a.k.a. tag: CD-R a.k.a. number minute; DVD a.k.a. number hour; BD a.k.a. almost 1 day; ... (here is waiting for OEM companies' global standard label a.k.a. tag for "week" and "month" , not yet in marketing, as of 2017/2561) "free storage in the Internet" a.k.a. year; and then, 1 mm (millimeter) yellowish variation, 2 mm (millimeter) yellowish variation, 3 mm (millimeter) yellowish variation, 4 mm (millimeter) yellowish variation, 5 mm (millimeter) yellowish variation, 6 mm (millimeter) yellowish variation, ... ; i ain't know: HOW many mm (millimeter) yellowish variations ? at this present ... ;

long time ago; Radical81;

Loy Krathong, Thai, a.k.a. the festival of Floating Bowls, full moon night of 12th lunar month, float boats are made of leaves which contain candles, flowers, and incense, on the rivers, to pay homage to Buddha footprint on the beach of Namada river in India; Remark: northeastern of India (including Bangladesh) was known "Magada" region, in Buddha era ... ; Western Civilization's power e.g. colonization defined nation names, border lines, ... ; in 21st century, Eastern Civilization's power e.g. (Gravity as Gun, Manmade Global Weather, Satellite DNS System, ... ) will define ... ;

LUNAR , the moon 太陰 ;
moon , lunar world 月世界

IFF (7 days) lunar ... ; lunar;

using 1 Time Machine, IFF Time Line (distance in mm) different, adjust with (SYNC) ... ;

lunar eclipse; solar eclipse; 2;

Lunar phases: , a.k.a. 4 phase;

Lunar phases: IFF Myanmar, , a.k.a. 2 phase;

approx.  23 lunar weeks, or 32 JUN time period; Remark: number (2, 3);

JUN time period e.g. (10, 20, 30) a.k.a. (up JUN, mid JUN, down JUN);

lunar weeks e.g. (New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon, Last Quarter Moon) a.k.a. 4 phase lunar;

lunar weeks e.g. (7, 14, 28) a.k.a. 2 phase lunar (no moon day, full moon day);



midnight;     it is midnight;

minute      minute;     pronounced "pon";     10 minutes;

conceal; fishhook; hidden; minute; mysterious; secret; small; Radical287;

momentum      momentum      momentum      momentum      momentum      momentum      momentum      momentum ;



moon; month; Radical96;

six months later;

morning     morning;

(i.e. multi time lines) e.g.   3mm   ,      6mm      ,         9mm         ,            12mm            ,                        24mm                        , for each clock ... ; artificial intelligence ( 1999 ) keyword to port number for billions of devices ... ; IFF 3,4 dimensional (i.e. ACT3 space); IFF 2,3 dimensional (i.e. ACT2 space); IFF billions of devices (i.e. ACT1 hardware);

Union of Myanmar 's New Year days, e.g. 2010, April, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21;  also see: 2 phase;

New Year's Day;

next day;

next morning;

next week;

night     night;

night time;

Nippon Calendar, 4 phase lunar 

IFF ACT3 parallel time development, adjust each month's cell background to 2 phase lunar with no moon day;

Because, no moon day may vary upon location WHERE (Celestial Equator OR North Celestial Pole);

1 2 3
 ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯ 
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯   ♯ ♯  ♯    ♯  ♯  ♯   ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯ 
4 5 6
 ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯   ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯   ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯ 
7 8 9
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯ 
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯   ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯   ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯ 
10 11 12
 ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯ 
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯   ♯ ♯ 
 ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯   ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯   ♯ ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯  ♯ 

Remark: Above calendar is written: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday; Calendar can also be written: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday;

N M D, No Moon Day;

noon      it is noon;

now      ima Now;

usage: e.g. now, the present time; just now; soon immediately;

nowadays (at the present time);

we human beings' logic (a.k.a. nama) has been either absolute or relative, e.g. logical (absolute, relative) so that nowadays is a "relative" usage; in technical writing, expression can be written in Past Perfect Tense, and then using "nowadays" presents relative logic, e.g. 360 absolute truth can be further studied as relative truth (60, 72) omni directional IFF based on very very unique two, with (5, 6, 7) nowadays; (60, 72) omni directional; Radical91;

Obon, 3 days in July, reunion of family ancestors with living, in Japan; for general knowledge, also see: Ancestor Day;

occasionally; once in a while; Radical257;

one month later;

Ato Ichinen _ One Year Later; one year remaining; one year to go (one year later);

Ichinen Go _ One Year Later; one year afterward (one year later);

one year later;

one year later;


Parallel time development is in progress, in ACT3 stage, after understanding 108, and then parallel time can be shifted; Instead of using ACT1 stage 22, ACT3 stage 108 configuration can be used; also see: Schematic Dimensional, for basic understanding of Nested Theory of Eastern Civilization ... ;

after a few years of development, this DOMAIN realizes that Parallel Time is not really necessary; Timeless idea is OK, instead of Parallel Time; because, WHEN dealing with longer and longer distance, SYNC (Synchronization) is not necessary;

history; past; Radical95;

period of time;

Poson, Sri Lanka  in June, celebrate ... introduction of Buddhism to the island ... ;


present time;

Raek Na, Thai, in May, half full moon day, 2 white oxen pull golden plough, 4 girls dressed in white;

Sabbath days, a.k.a. days; practicing 8 sila or 10 sila, on the days, also see: 5 precepts;

Sangha Day, a.k.a. Magha Puja Day;

(Clock) 11576 a.k.a. SANYO ... ;

(SANYO World Clock) for each City Name (e.g. Tokyo), using artificial intelligence ... ; 11576;
(SANYO World Clock) for each City Name (e.g. Mexico City), using artificial intelligence ... ; 11576;
(SANYO World Clock) for each City Name (e.g. Reykjavik), using artificial intelligence ... ; 11576;
(SANYO World Clock) for each City Name (e.g. Moscow), using artificial intelligence ... ; 11576;
(SANYO World Clock) for each City Name (e.g. Hong Kong), using artificial intelligence ... ; 11576;

sāsana year, a Buddhism related calendar, based on eastern civilization's lunar calendar, days are in 2*7 lunar time, and days are also in 2*5 JUN time; no adjustment like 366 days in a leap year;

_ current sasana years: 2555  2556  2557  2558  2559  2560  2561  2562  2563  2564  2565  2566   2567   ;


IFF ( 60 second s ) 1 minute ;  
  IFF ( 60 minute s ) 1 hour ;
IFF ( 24 hour s ) 1 day ;  

IFF (86400 seconds) day ... ; day;

IFF (3600 seconds) hour ... ; hour;

second ( 6 0 t h m i
n ) ;            
second ;              
per second ;      
      half second ; Fusion ...

(Clock) 15926 a.k.a. SEIKO ... ;

several days later;

Shakya King a.k.a. Swastika, refer to thousands of years ... ; "shakya" is very old (more than 2500 years old word in Buddhism);


solar eclipse; lunar eclipse; 2;

Songkran, Thai, a.k.a. Thai New Year, middle of April, sprinkling water among people, clean house  rescue/release/"let escape" ... fish alive ... ;


soon, in a short time;

e.g. after 2017 / 2561, 10mm yellowish variation design model will be done very soon; it means NOT done yet, but within very short period of time, it'll be done; FUTURE TENSE (passive voice) usage;
e.g. as of 2017 / 2560, 5mm yellowish variation R&D was just done, regarding 2,3 dimensional imaginary hyper space; it means recently done already; PAST TENSE (passive voice) usage;

at any time soon;

summer time period (approx. 3 months, or 4 months), winter time period (approx. 3 months, or 4 months), in our earth; in summer time period (excessive heat, i.e. bad climate condition, bad weather condition), to do good weather conditions, also see: Weather;

HOW to avoid excessive heat in summer time period sir ? well trained kids ! 1st to understand Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 218; Heat; 2nd to understand heat wave can be controlled by this DOMAIN (Satellite DNS System) ... ; 3rd to do fetching green light as surface into the defined location at noon, at 1 p.m., at 2 p.m. (i.e. HOW to avoid excessive heat, protecting heat waves WHICH cause excessive heat) in summer time period ... ;


Sunday, and Monday; Radical294;

sunrise, e.g. sun is up;

sunset, e.g. sun is down;

the past;

these days;     past + now;

this month;

this year;

Tuesday; Radical107;

Thursday; Radical97;

period , phase , season , stage , time ;
time , stage , season , phase , period ;

time (e.g. current time, start time, stop time) ... ;

time period requirement; Radical128;

time slot;

time zone;

Time Zone (UTC) (-); Time Zone (UTC) (+); Abu Dhabi, Muscat, UTC+04:00; Adelaide, UTC+09:30; Alaska, UTC-09:00; Amman, UTC+02:00; Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, UTC+01:00; Arizona, UTC-07:00; Astana, UTC+06:00; Asuncion, UTC-04:00; Athens, Bucharest, UTC+02:00; Atlantic Time (Canada), UTC-04:00; Auckland, Wellington, UTC+12:00; Azores, UTC-01:00; Baghdad, UTC-03:00; Baja California, UTC-08:00; Baku, UTC+04:00; Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta, UTC+07:00; Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi, UTC+08:00; Beirut, UTC+02:00; Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague, UTC+01:00; Bogota, Lima, Quito, UTC-05:00; Brasilia, UTC-03:00; Brisbane, UTC+10:00; Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, UTC+01:00; Buenos Aires, UTC-03:00; Cairo, UTC+02:00; Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, UTC+10:00; Cape Verde Is., UTC-01:00; Caracas, UTC-04:00; Casablanca, UTC; Cayenne, Fortaleza, UTC-03:00; Central America, UTC-06:00; Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, UTC+05:30; Chihuahua, La Paz, Mazatlan, UTC-07:00; Coordinated Universal Time, UTC; Coordinated Universal Time-02, UTC-02:00; Coordinated Universal Time-11, UTC-11:00; Coordinated Universal Time+12, UTC+12:00; Cuiaba, UTC-04:00; Damascus, UTC+02:00; Darwin, UTC+09:30; Dhaka, UTC+06:00; Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London, UTC; Eastern Time (US AND Canada), UTC-05:00; Ekaterinburg, UTC+06:00; Fiji, UTC+12:00; Georgetown, La Paz, Manaus, San Juan, UTC-04:00; Greenland, UTC-03:00; Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey, UTC-06:00; Guam, Port Moresby, UTC+10:00; Harare, Pretoria, UTC+02:00; Hawaii, UTC-10:00; Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius, UTC+02:00; Hobart, UTC+10:00; Indiana (East), UTC-05:00; International Date Line West, UTC-12:00; Irkutsk, UTC+09:00; Islamabad, Karachi, UTC+05:00; Istanbul, UTC+02:00; Jerusalem, UTC+02:00; Kabul, UTC+04:30; Kaliningrad, Minsk, UTC+03:00; Kathmandu, UTC+05:45; Krasnoyarsk, UTC+08:00; Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, UTC+8:00; Kuwait, Riyadh, UTC+03:00; Magadan, UTC+12:00; Mid-Atlantic, UTC-02:00; Monrovia, Reykjavik, UTC; Montevideo, UTC-03:00; Moscow, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, UTC+04:00; Mountain Time (US AND Canada), UTC-07:00; Newfoundland, UTC-03:30; Nairobi, UTC+03:00; Nicosia, UTC+02:00; Novosibirsk, UTC+07:00; Nuku'alofa, UTC+13:00; Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo, UTC+09:00; Pacific Time (US AND Canada), UTC-08:00; Perth, UTC+08:00; Port Louis, UTC+04:00; Salvador, UTC-03:00; Samoa, UTC+13:00; Santiago, UTC-04:00; Sarajevo, Skopje, Warsaw, Zagreb, UTC+01:00; Saskatchewan, UTC-06:00; Seoul, UTC+09:00; Solomon Is., New Caledonia, UTC+11:00; Sri Jayawardenepura, UTC+05:30; Taipei, UTC+08:00; Tashkent, UTC+05:00; Tbilisi, UTC+04:00; Tehran, UTC+03:30; Ulaanbaatar, UTC+08:00; Vladivostok, UTC+11:00; West Central Africa, UTC+01:00; Windhoek, UTC+01:00; Yakutsk, UTC+10:00; Yangon (Rangoon), UTC+06:30; Yerevan, UTC+04:00; Time Zone (UTC) (-); Time Zone (UTC) (+);

time zone;

today     today;

asu Tomorrow;     tomorrow;

IFF Just In Time ( JIT) inventory system, HOW bento box cooking order, also see: Sushi;

tonight on today 's date;


Wednesday; Radical106;

week;     Only in ACT2 and ACT3 stage development, in 4PP + JUN time, week should be in 4Planets Prediction calculation only;


            last week;

            next week;

            this week;

what time ;

delayed; late; winter; Radical88;

summer time period (approx. 3 months, or 4 months), winter time period (approx. 3 months, or 4 months), in our earth; in winter time period, excessive snowing (i.e. bad climate condition, bad weather condition); to do good weather conditions, also see: Weather;

year     toshi Year ;

year before last year;

light year (i.e. Western Civilization's distance measurement in space); yellowish variation in mm (Eastern Civilization's distance measurement in space);

yesterday     yesterday;