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U u;

sonar echolocation; ultrasonic; also see: climate; weather;

3D ultrasound;

communication e.g. DC-HSDPA; EDGE; GSM; LTE; HSPA+; UMTS; Also see: wireless;


WHILE developing a database (e.g. Microsoft's North Wind) in Basic language, if a Text Box prompts "unbound" WHICH means table t 's column (a.k.a. attribute) has not been matched to Text Box 's resource definition; another example would be: e.g. table t with column ABC, IJK, XYZ; And Then, form f with Text Box ABC, 912, XYZ; WHILE developing, programmer forgot to change table t column IJK to 912, therefore,  "unbound" ; or, programmer forgot to define Text Box 912 's resource, therefore, "unbound" ; regarding database design, any object of each Form should not have "unbound" ;  also see: Numerological0;

think that forms are semantics alike, tables are syntax alike, therefore, WHILE developing a database, table's attributes (e.g. column) are changed, and then, forms' object name (e.g. Text Box) 's resource and its name should also be changed;

understanding directional gravity, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 2, idea ♯ 221; understanding Directional Gravity ;

e.g. no more earthquake in Japan;
e.g. no more tsunami in Japan;

United States Virgin Islands, , , , 1;

Also see: USA, United States of America; 5uComputer;


e.g. net set up ... ; also see: info;

particular OS (e.g. Android number only, e.g. Apple OS X only, e.g. Microsoft Window only) block pop-up windows; e.g. Pop-up Blocker on; Also see: Browser; frame;

(uplink) also see: link; IFF kan Weight, AI (GDC)  to do something completely;

            user ;  
G U I , graphic a l user interface ;
perform i n g C M I S E -
service - user ; user dictionary ; indirect user ;
user facility ; user hand book ; user support ;
numeric user identifier ; user ID en t if i
cat ion ( user id ) ; user data ;
call ed N S user ; call i n g
N S user ; call i n g T S
user ; call ed T S user ;    

e.g. this DOMAIN 's gravity dimension computer artificial intelligence system users ... ; using ( variable light) kan Weight for each surface ... ;

 3,3,3,3 is four numbers in quantity doko WHERE each surface's edge to be space for adjusting dimensional gravity, and then directional gravity, and then flying automotives ... ;