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U u;

oracle (UGA) i.e. User Global Area, for Shared Server; UGA, User Global Area (OLAP Pool, Session Variables);

Ukraine, , , , 380;

UNC paths as current directories;

AI pattern e.g. (overestimate of SQRT2; underestimate of SQRT2) 98;
AI pattern e.g. (overestimate of SQRT3; underestimate of SQRT3) ... ;

Also see: C Sequence Number ... ;

artificial intelligence to install device driver software (e.g. 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, ...) IFF USB ERROR;

            user ;  
S U G , Sun User Group ; E U
C , end user computing ; register ed user ;
accept or , accept i n g S S user
; user define d ; super user ; user account
; direct user ; user level ; user agent ;
user specific ; without warning ( the user ) ;
user registration ; call i n g S S user
; save d set - user - ID ;  
    user error request outstand i n g  
; user error indication outstand i n g ;  

numeric character reference; Shift JIS; Unicode; UTF-8; also see: ( decimal, HEX) ... ;

UTF-: Keyword; name;