uUsage     Last updated on 2021/2564 1 28, a full moon day;

U (family name, surname); Radical268;

Uchi (family name, surname); Uchigouri (place name); Radical512;

toward the midline ( uchigawano Medial), also see: Directions; Gene Therapy System;

ugoku Moving e.g. any moving location of point, also see: PHYSICS, law one hundred and thirteen, ... ;

choonpa ultrasound;

Uki (family name, surname); Radical960;

Uon (family name, surname); Radical117;

Ushitora (family name, surname); Radical171;

uta Poem; uta Poetry; Radical999;

; uta Song;

Tai (family name, surname); Utena (family name, surname); Utsu (name); Radical754;

Akira (name); Gen (name); Utsutsu (female name); Radical795;

Uzumi (family name, surname); Uzunoe (family name, surname); Radical693;

In English, "u" is you ( you) alike;

In English phonetic, vowels table's (close, back) alike; e.g.

vowel s                
      front central back        
    close i   u        
    close-mid e   o        
    open a            

In Hiragana, u, i.e. one of the vowels in Union of Myanmar, Nippon, Tibet, ... ; Also see: br (Burmese Romanization), Nippon Pronunciation;

In Kanji, u, among Pin Yin, Wade-Giles, and Yale; also see: cr (Chinese Romanization); this DOMAIN developer cannot explain HOW (name = na + me) linguistically derived thousands of years; e.g. the same in English spelling as word; e.g. the same in Union of Myanmar 's usage; e.g. the same in Nippon 's usage; e.g. the same in ... ;

In Katakana, u, i.e. one of the vowels in Union of Myanmar, Nippon, Tibet, ... ;