Last updated on 2018/2561 3 1, a full moon day;     V     v;     vCharacter;     Also see: v Usage;

v position a.k.a. vertical position

opening; vacancy; Radical145;

vacant house

vaccine      Vakzin (i.e. German)


half * ; just a little; partially; semi * ; somehow; somewhat; vaguely; Radical129, also see: Radicals;

Vajrayana Buddhism, a.k.a. Diamond Vehicle, in Japan, Mongolia, Tibet, Mahayana Buddhism; Also see: mantra;

valid      valid      valid      valid

validation      validation

valley      valley

valley; Radical183, also see: Radicals;

value      value      value      value


Varanasi a.k.a. Benares [Buddhism];


variable      variable

class; kind; seed; species; variety ; 14 strokes in Kanji, also see: Numerological5;

many; several; together; various ;

various      various


Radical179, also see: Radicals;

vast in numbers

44 hectares, 109 acres, 1000, i.e. Vatican City, western civilization's religious independent state, since 1929;

vector      vector      vector      vector

vegetable & fruit: artichoke heart; beet; carrot; cauliflower; celery; cucumber; ginger; kale; mint; spinach; yellow bell pepper;

Also see: Sushi;


vehicle      vehicle      vehicle

curtain; net; tent; veil; Radical345;



verb + *sen , no/not/don't/does not/... negative;

verb , also see , adjective ; noun ; class
of words ( action ; relation ; state ) do

verification      verification

verify      verify     verify      verify      verify


classical Chinese verse; Radical176;

version      version

versus, also known as vs. 

1 line vertically; vertical level; Radical2, also see: Radicals;


very, really (conversational)

in Hiragana as suffix: device; container; instrument; vessel; Radical317;

ability; container; implement; instrument; receptacle; set; tool; utensil; vessel ;

VIA      via (a.k.a. through)     via      via

vial      vial , a small container which contains liquid solution;   also see: phT calculation no  11;

vicinity (neighborhood);

excel; prevail; victory ; win;


video      video      video

Vietnam Vietnam      Vietnamese;

view view ;     view ;     view view ;     view ;     view ;     view ;     view ;     view ;     view ;     view ;


village ; town; street; block; Also see: Numerological7;


village section


vipassana meditation;

lively; virile; vital; Radical129, also see: Radicals;

virtual      virtual

e.g. virtual machine;

virtue      virtue      virtue

virtue of morality

Visakha, in Thailand, in monastery/shrine/temple/..., action with light, sweet scent, water, ... ;


Vishnu, Hindu God;

chance; hope; idea; look at; see; visible; Radical180;

visibility      visibility

eyesight (ability to see); vision (state of being able to see); Radical400;

vision      vision

vision: *opia, * opsia;


IFF hyper visor (i.e. hyper-v) virtual machine ... ;

lively; virile; vital; Radical129;

necessary; pivot; required; vital point; Radical365;

inner strength; spirit; vitality; Radical83;

vitality; Radical83, also see: Radicals;


voice; Radical312;

voice      voice     voice      voice

voice , also see: Numerological7;


volatile      volatile


Manmade Global Weather (service), also see: Radical107, e.g. to reduce volcano eruption, using directional gravity;

volition      volition

volt a.k.a. voltage

volume measurement, approx. 6.37 cu. ft., 180.39 liters; Radical141;

volume      volume


also see: volume;

volume set

amount; amount of money; number; volume; Radical225;



vowel      vowel

a, e, i, o, u, are vowels;

w, y, are semi-vowels;


Variable Resistance ( VR); Virtual Reality ( VR); Also see: VR;

vulgar fraction (e.g. 1/4, 1/2, 3/4) also see: Radical322;

vs.  a.k.a. versus

vvt-i      VVT-I