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➐; y;

(x, y) coordinate a.k.a. two dimensional (2D); Radial7, also see: Radicals;

(layer9, layer8, layer7, layer6, layer5, layer4, layer3, layer2, layer1) z-distribution ... ;


܁ ; AI OS character number 7; gravity spot with momentum; dot; point;

IFF (7;24;7) i.e. (7(f,h,j,q,v,w,y); 24(a,b,g,d,e,z,e,t,i,k,l,m,n,x,o,p,r,s,t,u,p,c,p,o); 7(i,u,a,e,e,i,u)) also see: alpha ~ omega;

x box; y box; z box;

is equal to * , also see: Schematic Symbols (Y = X2);

( for each time zone )  
IFF you are define d , verify ;
anata you          
  you ;        

your (i.e. you as Whose; do good go Karma e.g. way, good results will) computer is your life style ... e.g. your cyber Security, your data, your Gene therapy system, your information, your safety environment, Your Server, your telemetry, ... ; Also see: AI;

for each human beings livable moons in our universes ... , Satellite DNS System (for each time zone) IFF you are defined, verify e.g. with ICC ID; and then mark OEM with logo AND Number;   do good go Karma, good results will ... ;

attahi attano natho in Pali, a.k.a. you're not mine in English;

there is 90° ; inside of both x variable and y variable;

  y variable ;            
            Y variable ;  

IFF (y variable) read the next line, also see: Server; in common, read the next line is WHAT server does;

using idea processor 's AI (Artificial Intelligence) to do auto correct IFF end of the line results error;