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e.g. time lines as x, levels as y, layers as z; IFF 10 dimensions, also see: Monbusho level knowledge enhancement ... ;

Yanadori (i.e. family name, surname); Radical234;

Yashiyu (family name, surname); Radical103;

yasui Afford; Radical499;

Yatsugi (i.e. name); Radical140;

at last      yatto At Last ;

yokatta ... ; citation for excellence, in the office, saying "bravo" alike, say yokatta ... ; happiness moment at Mt. Fuji, after processing photos, a photo to be giving, say yokatta ... ; if you like ; relief, and then, glad to say OK, say yokatta ... ; WHILE playing a game, at a victory moment, say yokatta ... ; yokatta desu;

yokeru Avoid; Radical981;

yomo Forth; forth, a.k.a. onward; Also see: direction;

... ... yoroshiku ... ; pronounce "yoloshiku"
dozo yoroshiku, nice to meet you. also see: How do you do?
yoroshiku onegaishimasu ... , greeting, IFF 3rd party is introduced in person ... ;



"you bet" , a.k.a. "you betcha" ; USA 's north western style expression and usage, similar to "roger this" ;
Japan 's Romaji fluent style expression and usage, e.g. "ii des" , similar to "so des" , similar to "dai wa" ;

Yu (family name, surname); Radical268;

Yuki (female name); Radical392;

yura yura, something drying by the wind, water weeds are yura yura under water, ... ;

Yutaka (name); Radical669;

Yuu (family name, surname); Radical121; Radical263;

Yuzu (female name); yuzu a.k.a. Japanese citron; Radical221;