53+ years of Mr. Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw) i.e. since 1965 to present;

Mailing Address: Ace Jaw, PO Box 579699, Modesto, CA95357, California, USA; Phone: 1 209 681 9218;
Primary Home Address4 201 F R
OS T   way, Modesto, CA 95356, California, United States of America;

Remark: Nama For Humanoids, guard, monitor and patrol the Primary Home (4201 Frost Way, Modesto, CA 95356, California, USA) and its 10+ miles radius, and analyze animaloid s (e.g. drones, flying birds)' reports, and capture all illegal drones;


Also see: Monastery;

global.tsuki.info; using cm (centimeter) scaled location awareness ( NFC, IoT) ... ;

tsuki.info , web hosting by www.google.com ;      
americamyanmar.net , web hosting by www.web.com ;      
usamyanmar.net , web hosting by www.olm.net ;      
acejaw.net , web hosting by http://domains.yahoo.com/ ;      


since 2016, wajeca@gmail.com;

since 2015, acejaw@acejaw.net;

since 1996, aungmyintkyaw@lycos.com, and aungmyintkyaw@yahoo.com;

Current Objective:

current objective is to be the billionaire (world's richest person) e.g. all computers are required to install this DOMAIN 's contents;
current objective is to be founder & president of world's 1 system (e.g.

advanced AI System,

AI system,

Anti Virus system,

Dark Energy Engineering system,

device driver system,

functional metric system,

Gene Therapy System,

Idea Processor SYSTEM (xOLE, yOLE, zOLE),

imaginary hyper space system,

language learning system,

Manmade Global Weather system,

multi dimensional system,

numerological system,

Solar Sail system,

teleportation system,

triangulation web system,

 ... );

to earn 1K times "honest earning" income than average California household income (as of 2016, average-household-income in California, USA is 44000$ per year); in common, HR managers 1st look at the expected salary, if expected salary is 10 times higher than average-household-income, and then HR managers start looking for advantages e.g. copy rights, patent rights, trade secrets, tradeoff, ... ; if expected salary is 1024 times (1K times) higher than average-household-income, HR managers will void the resume ... ; billionaires in business think that hiring more people means generating more revenue, building more houses mean investing more assets;

License: USA California DRIVER LICENSE (a.k.a. CA DL) with "good driver" record;

having "good driver" record means less auto insurance cost; in USA, you should have 3 or more licenses to be professional, and notice that Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) has only California DRIVER LICENSE, and being without employment (company's employee) for more than 10+ years; universal truth e.g. "WHO you know is very important than WHAT you know" ... ; USA International DRIVER LICENSE can be applied at AAA offices, with 1 year time period constraint;

Education, learning: Attended primary, middle, high schools in Myanmar (Burma); Started elementary school in Shan State in 1960s; Passed elementary school in Irrawaday Division in 1970s; Passed middle school at TTC (Teacher Training College) in Yangon Division in 1970s; Passed high school in Mandalay Division in 1980s; Member and secretary of Physics Student Association, at Yangon University, in 1980s; Earned BS (Physics) from Yangon University (a.k.a. University of Yangon) in 1986; Attended continuing education programs; Cornell University (ESL certificate), BOCES Tompkims-Seneca-Tioga (LOTUS 1-2-3 certificate), Queens College (6 IT courses), Kings bough Community College (NOVELL network), Ministry of Labor (Myanmar) Factories and General Labor Laws, Inspection Dept. (certificate), FLAG-A-CAB Taxi School (certificate), San Francisco Para transit Service (certificate), CUNY (Mandarin for Today, language courses), A.D. Banker & Company insurance education (certificate), California State University, Stanislaus, Pharmacy Technician (certificate), The United States of America (certificate of naturalization, officially name changed to Ace Jaw, since 2010; the reason WHY name changed officially: there was MA AUNG MYINT KYAW, i.e. female (Ms.) Aung Myint Kyaw; in traditional Myanmar way, Aung Myint Kyaw is not a female name); in 1995 ~ 1997, Western Illinois University (www.wiu.edu), attended and earned MS (CS), since then, develop algorithms & IT;

regarding Monbusho level knowledge enhancement 3, Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw) should earn approx. 254+ Ph.D. degrees, as of 2018/2561; Remark: Monbusho is the highest Civilization Type (ACT1, ACT2, ACT3) ... ;

HOW to classify civilization types sir ? well trained kids ! regarding computer programs, keywords (e.g. DB, CE, CS, MS, PE, ... ) as numerological address-able and brunch-able; regarding bio medical, PMD solves all kinds of viruses, and cell (gene) are defined by color coded by structural environmental; regarding physics (military science), directional & structural as natural method; regarding strings (e.g. made of metal), carbon contents as detailed info; therefore, DOCUMENT is very very important HOW to classify civilization types ... ;

Financial: Not millionaire yet (but not poor anymore like at the beginning of common immigrants' life style); current objective is to be the billionaire (world's richest person) e.g. all computers are required to install this DOMAIN 's contents;

Credit Score e.g. 456, 567, 678, 789 and higher the score number, better the credit record is; Loan Officers and Underwriters are with professional license, and after data processing, APR rates may vary e.g. WHEN applying Home Loan, credit score 600+ may require 4.75% interest rate if compare to credit score 800+ is likely to be proved quickly by 3.25% interest rate (notice that 1.5% diff between Credit Score 600+ and 800+); therefore, it is important to keep higher Credit Score in Public Records; in USA, FICO collects data from 33+ credit reporting companies, and then take 3 middle records (NOT average) and then report to public as Credit Score Report;

Health: Still no need to take medication yet except allergy; Wear eye glasses (correct lens);
Remark: if previously claimed disabilities from employer, it might be difficult to be hired by another employer;

Hobby, personal preference:

donations (e.g. call and schedule WHEN donating items to www.salvationarmy.com); registered organ donor by CA DL;
cinema movie (once a month, prefer action movies);
Internet (almost everyday);
California Super Lotto, www.calottery.com (spend 1$, once a week gambling);
not much TV time;
Ping Pong;
reading books, periodicals (e.g. www.modbee.com's daily newspaper, e.g. IEEE www.computer.org );
Sake (once a week, drinking at home);
web content development;

Law and order: Never been criminal, felony, imprison, parole; Never file law sue against anyone, any organization, for any reason; Not yet been law sued either;

Remark: if previously lawsuit against employer, it might be difficult to be hired by another employer; I've never had TRUST (a.k.a. General Power consent) with any law firm; however, it is good to have TRUST (a.k.a. General Power consent) when dealing with law and order, e.g. copyrights, e.g. LLC, e.g. wills, ... ;

Languages: English, Hiragana, Kanji, Katakana, Myanmar (Burmese), Pali; NOT fluent in any language and still learning ... ;


Physics Today, scholarly journal, American Institute of Physics, customer # 1302636, since 2018;

Korean Air (Name: JAW, ACE; Member ID: WAJECA; SKY PASS Number: 720516534012; E-mail: acejaw@acejaw.net), since 2017;

Executive member of Kusalakari (Meditation Center, Theravada monastery), French Camp, California, USA, since 2015;

CHINA AIRLINES (Dynasty Membership WD4583395, also see: www.china-airlines.com), since 2012;

Member of ANA (All Nippon Airways, also see: www.ana.co.jp) Mileage Club, since 2012;

KAISER PERMANENTE (#11157323, also see: www.kp.org), NORTHERN CALIFORNIA REGION, member, since 2009;

Costco (also see: www.costco.com) WHOLESALE, EXECUTIVE MEMBER, 111868395319 since May, 2017;

IEEE (also see: www.ieee.org) membership (student was, affiliate present, name: AUNG KYAW, Affiliate # 90835817) since 1997;

member (name: Aung Myint Kyaw) of WIU (also see: www.wiu.edu) Alumni Association, since 1997;

member (name: Aung Myint Kyaw) of Physics Students Association, Yangon University, 1984 ~ 1986;

Race, Religion, Citizenship: Rakhine (ethnic tribe of Union of Myanmar) Asian; Conservative Theravada Buddhist; Myanmar American;

Remark: there is no equal opportunity and there is no equal rights in our worlds; therefore, WHO you know is very important than WHAT you know;

Reliability and automotives: Still not having fault car accident (no mistake yet, after 35+ years of driving, 3 car accidents but without fault); Mazda B600 was my 1st car to drive (approx. at age 15) since then drove and maintained automotives e.g. Fiat 127, Opel, Hino truck, Mazda B1200 p/u light truck, Buick, Mercury, Mercedes truck, Mitsubishi truck, Chevy van, Toyota, Nissan Sunny P/U truck, Chevy SUV, Ford, Toyota, and Lexus;

Retrospective personal photos: With Metta _ Released Photos;


- able to analyze database (form, report, sheet, table, view) by applying relational algebra logic based query, and able to do web domains (hyper-graphics, hyper-text); not able to software engineer own database;
- able to avoid sexual misconducts; able to avoid stealing; able to avoid lying; not able to avoid killing regarding Global Commander;
- able to correct genetic disorders; Also see: Gene Therapy System index; but NOT FDA approved, because Ace Jaw is NOT a medical doctor; but without FDA approval, because Ace Jaw doesn't have DEA license;
- able to build systems (AI, document system, real estate, taxi) from scratch; not able to create OS, because lack of knowledge HOW to spell keywords (questions and answers);
- able to configure, fix, program, repair, and test computers; not able to create "my own computer with my own logo on it" ;
- able to compose lyric, poem, and poet; not able to create movie and song yet; able to cook; not able to found restaurant yet;
- able to do home improvements (appliances installation, bath (faucet, hose, copper pipe, and valve installation), ceiling, concrete work, countertop, door and window, fence installation, electrical work, filter replacement, floor, gutter cleansing, hauling, paint, pressure wash, roof repair, wall, welding work); not able to do structural design with wind factor & interior air flow volume;
- able to do automotives' minor maintenance & repair (able to predict what might wrong of automotive including engine, brake system installation & tune-up, exhaust system installation, minor auto body fix, filter-seal-oil change, replace false sensor, spark-plug replacement, tire rotation & change, trace fuse fault); not able to open and operate auto repair shop yet;
- able to drive trucks with trailer, for hauling and trucking; able to drive very very fast without danger; able to maintain "Good Driver" record regarding Auto Insurance; not able to found forwarding company, not able to get connections with importer/exporter, consolidators & logistics investors;
- able to help (donation, volunteer work); able to drink a bottle of Sake (rice liquor) without causing problems; not able to do large scale help globally (all nations);
- able to present PHYSICS (military science) ideas; not able to prove, so only blah-blah-blah e.g. Manmade Global Weather; not able to dispense pharmaceutical products, because NOT having CphT license; not able to prove Gene Therapy System;
- able to travel (currency exchange, finding destination, limited clothing, map-reading, mobility) approx. 23000+ km per year; not owning private jet and private yacht yet;

Social, community: Not very good in social, and grown up as an ethnic tribe in Union of Myanmar; too much gap in Civilization Types is acceptable by all nations, therefore, also see: Reforming Myanmar, e.g. trying to be 100cc microeconomics, e.g. trying to be ASEAN standards (IFF city, HOW not to be wasting time in automotive traffics), ... ;

SSN and Tax: Negative income tax refund as income; Not efficient income in Social Security record since 1989; NOT claim SS welfare yet, NOT MediCal yet, NOT receive food stamp yet, ... ;

Web site, publish, publication: Union of Myanmar Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Business), Vol. 1, No. 8, (2000), published in hybrid (English and Myanmar), article in English: Efficiency, productivity, quality and IT;

self publication: acejaw.net; americamyanmar.net; usamyanmar.net; 

Work experience:

Adjunct teaching; Bakery; Chinese Restaurants; Corporate Software QA; Delivery; Factory middle management; Government data processing; Home Improvement; Minor car repair; Property Management; Self employment; Website and R&D domains;


Ref. 1. ;
Ref. 2. ;
Ref. 3. ;

Cover Letter of ACE JAW

Dear Sir or Madam (To Whom It May Concern) :

(5, 6, 7) are very very unique (a.k.a. coexistence, YIN and YANG) 2 based (e.g. this DOMAIN 's dimensions are in ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7))) and this DOMAIN reserves dimension (2*6) and (2*7) for you ... , and this DOMAIN 's 10 dimensional system is copyrighted, developed, engineered and all rights reserved by Ace Jaw (a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw); Radical567;

Since 1989, by using my father's computer (Apple Mac Plus), I've learnt computers till present; therefore, I've learnt mono-display without EM Pull with external 80KB hard disk with EDO RAM, then, colorful CRT without EM Pull with internal 20MB hard disk with lots of device drivers, then, 900MHz and 1800MHz were combined into dual-band, so that mobile computing (e.g. laptop) with zero curvature (EM Pull, flat surface, by memristor s (flat panel), by LED comet (flat panel) with internal 500GB hard disk, nowadays (as of 2017/2561) with "I don't know" might be DEE Boxes in Z-Index (our universes) with several layers (e.g. black for negative (flip-flop to white), blue for our moon (green EM Pull), green for our earth (blue EM Pull), white for positive (flip-flop to black), yellow as core (EM based), yellow as NOT core (without EM), ... , ... ) and 8 connectivity (e.g. micro SD (DEE 's snaky pattern)) with HDMI (audio, power) built-in app, USB (light bar, light stick) and so on; Computer Science is truly very difficult, and I've realized that devices, objects, and things are intentionally manufactured for marketing purposes; because of methods, techniques, and technologies are keep-changing, very difficult to be stand-still standard, e.g. Idea Processor (application, device, IoT, NFC, object, things) may require this DOMAIN 's contents, e.g. Idea Processor (advanced AI System, AI system, Anti Virus system, Dark Energy Engineering system, device driver system, functional metric system, Gene Therapy System, Idea Processor SYSTEM, imaginary hyper space system, language learning system, Manmade Global Weather system, multi dimensional system, numerological system, Solar Sail system, teleportation system, triangulation web system, ... ) may require this DOMAIN 's contents; Also see: Oh My Lord;

Some peoples say USA exists, on the other hand, some peoples say USA is no longer exist; I would like to have my human rights, being in USA; if you're government management persons (agent, and then, don't act like terrorist), please do human rights fair-and-squarely, e.g. please do not collect my sperm without my consent, e.g. please do not search house without search warrant officially, e.g. please do not interrupt personal by phone-call-controls via hub/switch, e.g. cities' agents are dare-ones but eyewitnesses can't help HOW, ... ; I appreciate whoever good-wills to my human rights ... ; I don't believe in equal opportunity, because my mother philosopher mentioned that "might is right" quite often, and I truly believe "might-is-right" therefore, I don't believe in equal opportunity e.g. if I can, I'll do good history (example: Manmade Global Weather as triangulation system in the Internet), and with knowing "Red Book" implementation can overwrite (overruled) the following facts (in this page) in "Black Book" implementations against me, and you don't want to mention my name (because, you don't want to be dealing with civilizations e.g. millions of people are against me because starting from e.g. Hey, I've been cloned without my consent ... ), and, many people (s) have been deported to be on the human beings livable moons until you can see retrospectively with your eyes to our earth, and you don't want to be like me because a few examples (e.g.) are:

- wrong DOB (4/4); Remark: please do not swap children; DNA mismatched is not proper way; I truly wish & hope that my DOB is on 3/28;  

- no chance to attend professional education because of father was dismissed by "Bama" military, in 1980; Remark: "Bama" military can be controlled only by via mainland China's orders; to deal with mainland China, staring "directional Plasma Cluster Wind" above cities' sky as Manmade Global Weather (service) ... ;

- parents (father and mother) separated; lost approx. 888? documents & books; Remark: father held 3 degrees (MA, BL, Ph.D.), and mother held 2 degrees (BA, MA);

- no date (no girlfriend) in Myanmar (till 24 years old); Remark: "no money, no honey" is TRUE, in addition, NOT to mention "I've a mean face" ;

- all kinds of odd jobs are NOT listed in my resume; Remark: I worked many odd jobs, on the other hand, I've done almost everyday computing works ... ;

- no dental care till 30 years old; Remark: properly should be at least once a year dental cleaning, to your children;

- lost 250+ text books, and notes, just after graduate study, in 1997; Remark: burglary; reported to police but lost 250+ text books, and notes ... ; some people like to reduce costly R&D time period;

- in 1990s, this DOMAIN developer Aung Myint Kyaw (ACE JAW) applied Monbusho grant at Nagoya University, in Japan, from Yangon, Myanmar, but rejected; at the same time, in 1990s, this DOMAIN developer Aung Myint Kyaw (ACE JAW) applied postgraduate in Bangkok, Thailand, and AIT (Asian Institute of Technology) accepted this DOMAIN developer Aung Myint Kyaw (ACE JAW) as postgraduate but because of financial reasons no postgraduate study; Also see: PHYSICS; do it yourself approach, if you don't get grants and scholarships (start with TAXI driving, believe it or not); Hint: in Google, type in "how to apply Monbusho scholarship" ; Remark: to apply scholarships in Japan, applicants should bypass TV monitoring (e.g. don't do sex in front of TV, because, without vision, OEM never manufacture display);

- no proper wedding ceremony in my life, retrospectively after 17+ years of marriage; believe it or not, don't sell your children; I wish that I was not been sold;

- not having efficient employment incomes, history, and record, since 1989 in USA; Remark: IRS Tax Return (negative income) works for me;

- no children; no divorce yet if compare to my sisters; Remark: 65+ % divorce rate in USA, therefore, try to be in other 20+ %;

- thank to America for having good foods, no more hungry (refer to 24 years of skeleton life in Myanmar); I've nothing to do with politics, somehow I voted for Obama 2 times, and I voted for Trump, therefore, I'm neither party member nor political;

- no pension benefit in my life; Remark: try to be your own small business;

- no income yet (not even a penny yet) from this DOMAIN 's contents' compilations; Compilations (e.g. C###) exist though; Remark: because, Internet is free to read, and browse; because, better and complete global giants' products are unbeatable regarding app, dictionary, logic, tool, ... ;

- no affiliation with any academic university, no affiliation with any government, and no affiliation with any religion; Remember, this DOMAIN 's contents are "imaginary" ... e.g. no one will prove Manmade Global Weather, e.g. no one will prove all nuclear related ones are already mapped, and being brought-up as ethnic tribe in Union of Myanmar, being very conservative Buddhist person, i.e. one of the reasons, e.g. no affiliation with ... ;

- no advertisement via this DOMAIN 's web pages; no telemarketing by neither phone nor e-mail, regarding this DOMAIN 's contents' compilations; no search engine indexing URL (refer to this DOMAIN 's domain names) to prompt WHEN user type-in a text box, because this DOMAIN developer " I "  Mr. Ace Jaw (Aung Myint Kyaw) don't know HOW to program Search Engine (i.e. beyond dictionary with language codes, HOW FE (Front End) text box's user Def is linking to BE (Back End) F7) a.k.a. SMS (Short Message System) radio methods allow blocked content ... ;

- no one is to be blamed for many "naught, nil, no, not" ; and NOT bad, still surviving and still producing web pages in the Internet by 53+ years of Mr. ... ; still with a bit of luck e.g. no law sue yet, no lawsuit yet; Remark: if you like this DOMAIN 's contents (refer to 10000+ items) keep it for yourself, idea may be diff, knowledge may be diff, and user may have diff idea ... ;

- I (Ace Jaw a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) ' v e never received government' grants, government's stipends, foundation' scholarships, honor (highest passing score) of exams, organization's award, and university's teaching assistants; Remark: I'm NOT a rich one (e.g. I'm NOT a billionaire); I (Ace Jaw a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) have never been an agent of any government either; I (Ace Jaw a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) have never been a member of any gang either;

- I (Ace Jaw a.k.a. Aung Myint Kyaw) don't want to be a part of bad history; e.g. don't be captives in 21st century, because ID can be counterfeited and duplicated, because consents can be overwritten by a law firm (refer to gangsters' law firms); Remark: all kinds of "bad" ones are defined in "Black Book" and on the other hand, "Red Book" defines all kinds of "good" ones; Go for "both" ... ;

many unwritten personal attacks to me in my life, many wrong personal info exist against me, therefore, you don't want to be like me ("attahi attano nahto" in Pali language means you're on your own "Karma" ACTION, meaning if you do good, good results will, on the other hand, if you do bad, bad results will); no referenced Ref.1. , Ref.2. , Ref.3. , ... , MY APOLOGY!, EXCUSE ME!, if bad history happened (with metta, I'll try good history happen ... ), therefore, also see:

Error Log;