Updated in 2564 : on 2020 : 6 : 16 : I CHING;

        I Ching, a.k.a. book of changes;          
        I Ching, a.k.a. I Ching interpretation;          
        I Ching, a.k.a. I Ching set;          
          Also see: 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index;        
          Also see: Referenced Books;        

64, also see: Number;

changing blocks of info with cryptographic (combination, permission ed, permission less) ... ;
changing blocks of info with cryptographic ((No, Yes), proof of work, state machine replication)) ... ;

Gravity Pressure Share Radical;

henkan Transformation, (change, changed, changing, changes) appearance (at a mapped location, in a form, of a marker's reference) ... ; Also see: Optics;

ICH1;     ICH2;     ICH3;

hexagram, a group of 6 consecutive ones;
hexagram, a.k.a. six points geometric star;

ICH1, I Ching Hexagram 1; ICH2, I Ching Hexagram 2; ICH3, I Ching Hexagram 3;

regarding 6 surfaced DEE Box in Z-index, IFF 4 hexagrams (e.g. ICH1) are together as 4 surfaces, i.e. 20 (e.g. 24 - 4), And Then, a part of (20, 86) in common ... ;

Remark: IFF adder, using (3,3) ... ; IFF multiplexer, using (2,3) ... ;
Remark: IFF wormhole way, 60 is a part of (45, 60, 72) parameters, And Then, using 60 degree;

((IFF core, (3,4,6)), (IFF edge, (2,3))), also see: ICH3;
((IFF core, (3,4,6)), (IFF edge, (2,4))), also see: ICH2;
((IFF core,    (4,6)), (IFF edge, (1,2))), also see: ICH1;

Also see: Physics Law 234, (core, edge) ... ;

IFF problems of infinity exists (e.g.

floating points of square root 2 ≡ decimal expansion ≡ problems of infinity a.k.a. SQRT2;
floating points of square root 3 ≡ decimal expansion ≡ problems of infinity a.k.a. SQRT3),

use mantissa point doko WHERE truncating points are ... , also see: Mathematics;

IFF Reference Books, also see: The I Ching OR BOOK OF CHANGES, ... ;

International Domains (local (10), remote (100), global (1000)) Biz book of changes, using BTC, crypto currency, crypto currencies, ETH, JVM, ML, Script, ... , programming languages e.g. basic, ... ; smart contracts (e.g. Bit coin, E there um, Hyper ledger fabric, C or d a) ... ; Biz book of changes ... ;

Remote Heat Sensing Radical;

set of available variations, supply chains; block chains;

Trigram;     Trigram;     Trigram;

trigram, a group of 3 consecutive ones;
trigram, a.k.a. tri graph;

Remark: 3 consecutive ones (3 lines) prompt "triangle" alike;

variable; e.g.

IFF ACT3 imaginary hyper space, reversed yellowish variations, variable DEE patterns ... ;
IFF ACT2 imaginary hyper space, yellowish variations exist on human beings livable moons ... ;
IFF ACT1 imaginary hyper space (our earth only), also see: variable;