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invisibility: e.g. day time of our earth, objects in outer space, in our universe, i.e. invisibility, because day time of our earth (blue) shields the vision to objects in outer space; and then, notice that WHAT kind of energy e.g. moon, in the day time of our earth is visible; Moon Wave;

forces of our universe (E M (yellow as core), Gravity (directional gravity, gravity spot), radio (modulation, e.g. DEE modulation, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, X modulation), Strong nuclear force, Weak nuclear force) invisibility ... ;

Before reading the following contents, please read Chapter 2, Pg. 17, and page 16 with 2, INVISIBILITY, PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE, MICHIO KAKU, 2008;

31, IFF ((2*5), (2*6), (2*7)) = 17 objects in our universe, not yet in history, invisibility ... ; Invisible, because of distance, because aspect ratio cannot prompt, till year 2555, there is no technological design distance with compression algorithm WHICH means time lines with surfaces must be compressed in order to technological design whole 17 to be in 1 aspect ratio, to fit into 1 aspect ratio to prompt ... ; device ( USB) lights technology is similar to time lines compression by using light rate, but lack of time lines with surfaces, but not yet to be within 1 aspect ratio;

15 , an object e.g. meta material (reflection AND shadow) null, invisibility ... ; Meta material, within a substance, E M waves 26 bend 95, invisible ... ; IFF 15 invisible to radar, e.g. stealth fighter jet by (ceramic + fiber composite + metal component + Teflon) start using GPS with DEE (285 invisible to radar) within 2,3 dimensional space, with multi time lines i.e. ((2*5) or (2*7)) only, and WORMHOLE to protect and to prevent ... ; Pin point 285 invisible to radar within 5 seconds, X positioning the invisible to radar, Y positioning the invisible to radar, ... ;

IFF military (air force, army, navy) space ... , using aspect ratio WHERE (X positioning AND Y positioning) within 2,3 dimensional ... ; AI analyze (285 invisible 26 radar) Synchronization to 2,3 dimensional space, using laser to pin point the object i.e. 285 invisible 26 radar, start reducing time lines' distance to < 24 mm Natural Time; Log data of 15 ...

index of refraction, light bends, ... ; IFF (index 66 refraction 95 1 meta material) AND (light pass around 15 object) 285 invisible ... ;

Meta material, for blue light, also for green light, 2 silver layers with 50 nm thick silicon nitrogen insulator in between; pass the blue light; pass the green light; meta material application begins ... ; negative index of refraction begins ... ; Entering and exiting by laser light, of the blue light, of the green light, bending of the laser lights of meta material might prompt negative index of refraction; THIS technology may lead to Plasmonics Technology, WHICH is one of the Nanotechnologies, so chips use light, the chips no longer use of electricity, 26 process ... ; iroColourWaveForm, also see: Schematic Symbols;

IFF too much of dark a.k.a. DEE, invisibility ... ;

IFF too much of light, invisibility ... ; e.g. cannot see through gravity spot, e.g. cannot see through light source's other side;

Meta material, for red light, with 1 glass sheet, coating of silver, coating of magnesium fluoride, coating of silver, forming 100 nm think fluoride, creating 1 large array of holes by etching, since holes are 100 nm wide i.e. < wavelength of red light, pass the red light, meta material application begins ... ; negative index of refraction begins ... ; Rendering and bending of the red light around an object might prompt invisibility ... ; THIS technology may lead to Photonic Crystal Technology, WHICH is one of the Nanotechnologies, so chips use light, the chips no longer use of electricity, 26 process ... ; iroColourWaveForm;

1st to understand dimensional Shakya, 2nd to understand diff orbits, ... , also see: Swastika;

telepathy (sound waves of brains) capable of controlling minds within distance, ... ; Nama for humanoid; ... ; emotion e.g. (angry, happy, peaceful, sad, ... ) ;

Develop a telepathy center ... ; IFF base on calculator, words, creating pattern, artificial intelligence (dictionary of thoughts) universal translator ... ;

telepathy via radio, universal translator ... ;

variable light, WHERE in plasma windows, IFF photo chromatic (opaque) invisibility of background, within 1 aspect ratio ... ;

5W1H, e.g. kuru kuru WHILE meditating, human beings can know 2, and then 3 becomes invisible ... ; In common, one two steps human can perform ... ; In common, monks recommend focus on 1, while meditating e.g. breath in, breath out; Basically, (anatta) impermanence of mind can then be realized, focus on 1 again and again might be spiritually level up to know 2, and then 3 becomes invisible ... ; 6 senses in Abhidhamma can explain ... ; IFF daily meditating, one can know super spiritual knowledge e.g. foreseeing, knowing without informed, transparent mind, and so on invisibility ... ;

Remark: invisibility engineering, one of the highest technologies in 21st century & beyond; invisible; invisible; System variables (HTTP-EQUIV) : Name (i Oriental) = Value (invisible); System variables (HTTP-EQUIV) : Name (Time.Space) = Value (Invisibility);